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admob ads not showing

Hi there, i have face something new about admob ads... my admob ads not showing
When i build apk and install it in device, ads showing properly.  But when i upload it to playstore, then ads do not show


  • same with me...
    sama sama mas keluhannya...apk yg dah lama di ps masih tayang, utk apk baru ga nongol iklannya

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  • Double account?
    You dont have to post twice.
    How do you know ads from Google Play apk do not show?
    You checked it on your device? Do you want to get banned in Admob? That's a nice way to do it.

  • Double account?
    You dont have to post twice... no, just i think he have the same problem with me (beside that, i think he is come from i make a comment)

  • Check below link, lots of people have the same issue, This is a problem at admob end and not andromo.!forum/google-admob-help-forum
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