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Suggestions for new Features on new Andromo

Hey guys! Hope you will spare some time and post some ideas you are looking forward to see at some point on Andromo :)
Please put down your most coveted and awaited feature updates, improvements, activities etc. All will be reviewed and prioritized as we want to build Andromo better than ever, and you all are part of it, so we're listening....


  • We know a lot of you have requested InApp purchases support over time. Those who want it, can you describe in your words, how you see it?

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    Firebase Analytics
    Native Ads
    And please don't mess with the Audio Player Activity.
  • 1. Allow us to lock content and only show it after a rewarded video ad was shown.
    2. Folders hierarchy (many have asked for it for many years).
    3. Support for ads mediation or allow us to set a percentage for every ad network we include. For example, Admob 60%, FAN 20%, Startapp 20%. 
    4. New ad networks
    5. Research native ads and where we could use them (RSS feeds apps maybe?)
    6. Remove every text from About page for PRO subscriptions. We want to put our own text there.
    7. New types of ads and possibly rewarding implementation.

    That's it for now :)
  • Search feature for activity, audio activity
    Hidden url when no internet connection on website activity
    Automatic play next audio on podcast activity
    Add option under 2 minutes (1 minute or 30 second) on time between interstitial ad

  • -Add one batch of images in each activity.
    -Add music at once in each activity.
  • - possibility of transferring activities from one app to another.
  • New shoutcast audio player which can play AACP format, there is no builder online which can do that.
  • nice :) , keep it up, guys. 
    some of mentioned are already in development, and some good surprises coming up, hopefully, sooner than we think
  • Would it be possible for the Photo Gallery activity be used to display photos from user's phone instead of only allowing the developer to upload photos? If the user's photos can be loaded, it would be useful to allow them to select and perhaps transfer the data to another activity where it can access the photo data. For example, select a photo or photos from the Photo Gallery activity and allow it be transferred to a html archive activity where it can be accessed via custom JS code. 
  • Can you Hide the url of a web activity, when the user does not have internet, to avoid revealing the url address and that the user leaves our app and connects directly to our website instead of using the app.   

    For example if I use Website activity and use the url of : http:///   
    if the user lose the internet connection or is not connected to the internet at all the user gets the following error:

    Webpage not available

    The webpage at could not be loaded because of:



    also update the about screen from 2018 to 2019 . (about screen shows Copyright (C) 2018 instead of current 2019).


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    -Add to favorites option |
    -New interface, controls, audio and Radio players activities.
    -Categories and Sub Categories (Sub-menus) in the activities
    -Rewarded videos in exchange for hidden activities
    -Load images by batch-Activity Gallery
    -Hide Url when there is no internet connection |
    -Popup to request review or share with friends |
    -URL Checker to know that streaming links no longer work and update them.
    -Exchange of activities between applications
    -Activity Type Flipbook | PDF to Flipbook
    -Search for activities for when you have many.
    -Create automatic screen captures for the Playstore gone |
    -Real-time display of applications
    -Improve Push Notifications
    -GIF Image Support


    -Classifieds app |
    -Chat App or activitie |
    -Live Video Wallpaper |
    -Keyboard Theme App |
    -Animated GIF Wallpaper |
    -Video Player |
    -Images to Stikers for WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. |


    -Coloring Book |
    -Image Puzzle Game |
    -Jumper Game |
    -Memory Game |
    -Photo Editor/filters / masks |

    They are only suggestions although it carries a lot of work and some may become unviable in the short term, if there are some that are very good suggestions for improvements and will be many agree with me that will be necessary to keep us competitive. 

    Greetings  #IloveAndromo <3

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  • I almost forgot the duplication of applications, support for IOS and are the most important and expected by many I'm sure.  B)
  • over haul of how interstitial ads are shown, its not optimized at the moment and the pre loading is to slow. ads show after around 4-5 clicks in large apps. also give the option to display  interstitial ads on every activity, other app maker support this and its very effective. they changes will increase revenue substantially for all users
    1. Add an option to display a popup message when exiting a HTML Archive activity. For example, when the user clicks on the Back button on their mobile device to exit an HTML Archive activity, a popup message: Do you want to exit this section or app? YES or NO, should be displayed. This is important for some of us who don't use andromo's dashboard. I mean when you select "Show first activity (no dashboard)". We use the HTML Archive activity as our first activity to display our custom menu or music site. Users need to know that clicking the back button means exiting the app which automatically stops the audio from playing.
    2. Add an option to stop the HTML Archive activity and Website activity from automatically reloading or refreshing when  the orientation of the app changes from portrait to landscape (and vise versa). This causes audio and video playback to stop. It is supposed to work like the Shoutcast radio activity. Change of app orientation should not stop audio and video playback.
    3. When you are playing audio in one HTML Archive activity (e.g Home page), and you click on a link to open another HTML Archive activity or Website activity, the loading of the second HTML Archive activity or the Website activity causes the audio playback (in the Home page) to stop. This is not good. The opening or loading of a HTML Archive activity should not stop audio playback in another HTML Archive activity. This is important for some of us using 3rd party Html5 Audio Players within the HTML Archive activity.
    4. Introduce the ability to watch videos on fullscreen in the Website and HTML Archive activities. When playing video in the Website and HTML Archive activities, clicking the fullscreen button does not work.
    5. There are currently 3 options in the Toolbar style. They are Standard, Compact, Expanded. Please add "No Toolbar" to the options. Most of our apps don't use andromo's dashboard, and we majorly use the HTML Archive activity for them. It will be nice if we can hide the toolbar in most of our apps.
    6. The fifth point raised above, also means that we should be able to link to the Settings page and the About page from our HTML Archive activity.
    7. Add Search box to the Audio Player Activity, RSS feeds activity and the Audio Podcast activity. Some RSS feeds and audio podcasts contains over 200 items. It will be nice if users can search through the feeds.
    8. Add Search box to search for all activities. Some apps do have more than 100 activities.
    9. Add an option to Bookmark an activity. One of my Podcast apps contains over 120 Audio Podcast activity. Users of the app have been complaining that everytime they open the app, they have to scroll through the 120 podcast activity to select the particular podcast they are interested in. Introducing Bookmarks will eliminate this problem.
    10. Add an option to save audio to Favourite Playlist. Users should be able to save their favourite songs or audio in the Audio Player activity or Podcast activity.
    11. Hide URL in the Website and HTML Archive activity when there is no internet connection. This will help to protect our content.
    12. Currently, only JPG and PNG images are supported. We should be allowed to use SVG files as well. They are smaller in size and are resolution-independent and can scale to any dimension without losing quality.
    13. Finally, ENCODE and HIDE our .m3u files used in the Audio Player activity during the build process. These .m3u files contains all the links to our audio files. Some people currently use 3rd party websites and softwares to decompile andromo apk files, so as to access the files we used in the building our apps. They then use these files in cloning our apps in the Google play store.

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    Please add:
    Adfalcon Network

    And maybe remove:
    StartApp (I don't think it works for anyone)
  • Thanks for being open to suggestions, I would add:

    - Nicely designed templates
    - Utility/tool apps (GPS, Calculators, alarms, etc)
    - IOS
    - Games
    - Auction/market place apps

  • AdMob mediation

    Please add AdMob mediation

    What is AdMob mediation?

    Mediation is a feature of AdMob that helps you manage all of the ad sources you use to serve ads to your apps in one place. Using mediation, you can send incoming ad requests to multiple ad sources and help ensure you find the best available ad sources to fill the requests. Mediation will use mediation groups to try to help maximize your revenue by ranking all the ad sources based on optimized performance.

  • Ability to link/connect to APIs. There are plenty of public available APIs that we could use to turn into a profitable app.
  • admob mediation would be perfect start
  • When are some of the new features coming? So far, the only thing that changed was the website design.
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