Legacy Image

Good evening my query may be silly but I do not understand how to use this section, or what its function, maybe someone can help me understand.

thank you very much!


  • You can click those links to view the legacy (old) images you had used for the Activity Icon and Header Image. That way the images are still there and aren't lost to you.
  • But as the use, how should I configure the activity to appear that image?
  • You click on the link. Download. Then do whatever you want with the image. The "Activity Icon" might be useful if you want to reuse it for the "square" activity image dashboard styles. So, download it. Then upload as a "square" image in the activity.
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    colinadams Thank you for your prompt response, but it would not be possible to add an option where there is no need to download and re-upload the image, but the image can be called directly from the location it is in, that would be very helpful since I would not have to repeat a previous job. thanks again!

  • Many, many thanks really that are incredible, and I realized that they attended my suggestion and sure there will be many who will thank you, excellent work guys keep it that way, I love andromo.  <3 <3 =)
  • You bet. Hang on for an hour or so, and we have another surprise for making it easier to migrate your old apps...
  • OK, when you go look at a project that has not been updated since v5 was released, we have gone in and set the "Dashboard item style" to match up with the closest v5 style that uses square images. Then, for any activity that has not been updated since v5 was released, we have automatically updated it for you to set the "square image" to your old legacy icon image.

    You now have a much better starting point for migrating your projects to a full on material design experience!
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