Revenue reduction

Hello friends of Andromo

I do not know if it just happens to me but I have felt a big reduction in admob revenues by an approximate 40%, it is strange because the impressions are maintained but the RPM has dropped a lot as well as the CPC, there is someone else this happens And what can I do to reverse this trend.

Thanks in advance, regards!


  • For me, impressions dropping because due to lack of time I delayed to update and fix issues with my apps.
    RPM is going a little better than July though.
  • RPM is fine but impressions have dropped. I believe it's from some of my popular apps dropping impressions. Google Play is not ranking them as high as they have been for several years.
  • im having the same problem with admob income also.  significantly drop lately
  • I think I see the problem with the drop of impressions - Google Play is showing ads for competing apps above our apps when you see for a term on Google Play. Where for many years I was position number one for many of my apps for certain terms, there are one to two advertised competing apps ahead of mine. Bummer. Big drop in impressions.
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