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Hello Andromo,

I request an improvement in the dashboard, to be exact I need an option that allows me to choose if I want the dashboard to turn automatically or to stay fixed in its position. just as there is within each activity the option of "Orientation" - Automatic, potrait, landscape.

Thank you in advance for your help.



  • Hi @absordor,

    I'm wondering why you feel the need to limit the dashboard orientation? Especially since the dashboard works fine in both orientations.

    Generally on Android the decision of whether to prevent orientation changes is something that is best left up to the user unless there is a good reason to prefer one orientation over the other...for example, to temporary force landscape when viewing a wide-aspect video.

    IIRC the Orientation setting was added for activities that use HTML is to avoid things like session data being lost when the activity recreates itself on orientation changes, and for things like HTML5 games where the orientation change can be problematic.

  • Hi @lorne, it is simple I have managed to place my logos on the dashboard in the way I would like the user to use it, but I realize that changing the orientation of my device to horizontal is totally out of the margin that I need and aesthetically it looks fatal, that's why I need this option. Thanks for your prompt reply.
  • Thanks @absordor. Can you provide some screenshots demonstrating what you're referring to?
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  • Thanks @absordor, those screenshots were very helpful.

    I would suggest that limiting the orientation wouldn't be the best way to handle that; I think it would make more sense to provide more control over the number of columns available to a grid item style instead.
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