when we will have news of the new owners of andromo

I would like to know what new improvements we will have, to know who they are and to be able to greet them and be able to ask them or suggest some new functions.


  • I know they have been very busy working on quite a grand plan for where they want to take Andromo. It’s definitely a big project. Any suggestions you post here will be read I’m sure, but I don’t personally know their plans for these forums going forward.
  • Hey Colin, glad to see you are hanging around still.
    Since they have not showed around, can you give us a teaser of what to expect from them?
    You said about new monetization and new plans - would you be kind enough to give a few more detailed info?
    Just out of curiosity...
  • Hi anteos. Yes, I’m still hanging around and helping out a bit with the transition. I can’t really share much unfortunately myself as their plans are being held pretty close, but they do have some really cool things planned with respect to monetization, developer support, new activities (games!) etc. It’s a big job though with lots of moving parts...
  • I see. Seems changes will delay then. Thanks!
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