Help with the radio activity

Help with the radio activity, since the radios ending in (/;) are not running in the app, I was researching on Shoucast and the version that supports Andromo, according to lei for Shoucast V1 should be placed at the end of the url (/;) and for Shoucast V2 it must be placed at the end of the url (/;stream.mp3)
please can you give me more detail or if you can check if something is happening with this activity and its compatibility with this type of links, since admob is penalizing me too many apps with (Site Behavior: Navigation) ........ Urgent! @tech_support


  • @tech_support gentlemen, I have already sent a ticket from September 25 and I still have no response from you, you can cancel my account for so many penalties in admob, I need your help.

    I wanted to suggest if possible to put a compatibility such as VLC or if there is an API that can be incorporated into Andromo it would be great to have that power in the Andromo player in Radio activity.

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