Where Are You Guys?!

where are you?

on the 18th of April I submitted a support ticket, and got a reply on the 20th. However, when replying to answer questions, until now 24th no response.

where are you Andromo.com support team?

is it because of this corona pandemic, your time is limited too? How many personal teams from Andromo.com are there?

why lately, it seems that there are so many threads that there is no response from the staff? and always, the answer "apologize" when replying to a delayed message. but there were no significant changes?!


  • I don't see any messages from you on support.

  • @EgorEgorov How about this?

    if you don't receive, then who is replying?

    don't say this was replied by a bot

  • @CapingHitam simple: you have different email in support and here in forums. So I still cannot find you in support.

    (we don't employ bots in support. Real living humans are answering you)

  • @EgorEgorov what? CapingHitam? my ID is Captivated, not CapingHitam.

    are you kiding me? #LOL

    if not kidding, maybe there is something I need to clarify regarding this account

    different email whether it is a problem of delay? should not.

    because the account owner (head of the job where I work) has submitted his Andromo's account to me and trusted me to manage this Andromo account. while the email used on Andromo, is still the property of my chief's account. while the email to contact the support team is my own. I can just replace the Andromo account email with mine, but I will do it if the professional account has expired.

    so, please understand, indeed my personal account as written in the help email is #mybbidgroup, while the email account on Andromo is #mitrabadi. all are on gmail.com server. people who manage the same account, only email accounts that can not be created at this time as #mybbidgroup email

  • @Captivated there is no user with account "mybbidgroup@gmail.com" in Andromo.

  • Indeed. because this andromo.com account is managed using email udmitrabadi@gmail.com as LOGIN ONLY. I use this Andromo account, use email udmitrabadi@gmail.com for LOGIN. however, I do not have login access to this email. and my leader has entrusted this andromo account to me. Didn't I explain it above, also via email?

    mybbidgroup@gmail.com, is my personal email. that I used to contact the andromo.com support team. because I know, if I try to contact the andromo.com help team via a ticket, the message will go to the email. therefore, I contact you (and the team) via my personal email. please do not need to be too complicated. or, if indeed you need proof, that I am trusted by my leader to manage this Andromo account (not the udmitrabadi@gmail.com email), I can do it. How? is it necessary?

    before, don't forget to help resolve my issue via the email I sent from mybbidgroup@gmail.com

    before, sorry if my english was a mess.


  • @Captivated I can see that my colleague is already in discussion with you regarding your issue.

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