How to create games and how to create submenus in Andromo apps

Hi, everyone, here are 2 video tutorials:

How to create games in Andromo apps using HTML-archive activity:

How to make submenus in Andromo apps:

Hope it can help you to create something new and cool!

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  • Cool Roman.....

  • Hopefully andromo upgrade file size limit on html archive activity. Now max file size is 25MB. I hope can upload more than 25 mb zip file.

  • Y como lo subo a la play store? Además para hallar los gráficos sin que me sancione google??

  • @RomanJuly I just want to make a small observation, to see if they can improve that option, clicking the back button does not return to the sub menu, and returns to the dashboard and can be annoying for users.

    Thank you for allowing me to give you my opinion.


  • absordor

    Thank you for your suggestion, however we are focused on the new platform release and want to launch it ASAP. Thus these issues won't be actual very soon.

  • Y cuales serán las modificaciones de la nueva plataforma??

  • how do we get the get zip file, and on your video there is no instruction on how to get it ?

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