Andromo App Maker 2.0 is here!

This incredible all that is coming I think it is great that we have heard many of the suggestions that have been made since years and I'm dying to be able to put hand to the new features.

According to read on Andromo's blog:

New Features
We’re very determined to implement the suggestions we’ve received from our developer community. These include project duplication, templates, additional ad formats, and iOS support.
These are just a few of the things we are working on. This year is going to be very exciting for our developer community, and we look forward to achieving great things together.


  • absordor @andromo thank you so so much :o <3
  • Exciting that we saw some stuff happening.
    iOS support worries me a tiiiiiny bit - are we still going to have native android apps or is this going to be a switch to HTML5?
    Also for project duplication, anyone wants it for himself, but when everyone starts employing it we will all lose... I liked the fact that duplication was not available, because whoever wants to put hard work in Andromo (like me, 14hrs a day) will most probably succeed. When duplication goes available, many lazy people here will simply make one project and duplicate 20 times instead of trying a little harder with more than 1 projects.

    Anyway, it is too early. Thanks for the news!
  • Finally some news Thanks guys but there's no mention of Firebase Analytics? I hope you're working on it.
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    @anteos ;I think this function (duplicate) if necessary and is designed precisely for developers like us who take this job seriously, and maybe you should not work 14 hours if not only 7 hours and spend more time with your family. On the other hand the Spammers will always exist but we will always have the advantage over them the talent and dedication always wins, I assure you. regards! B)
  • @anteos the way I see it, duplications are a good thing especially if you are going to build for ios and Android. You build ine and duplicate it and make the changes for iOS. if not you would need to change everything every time you want to make an update and that would be time consuming. I'm really happy that changes are coming our way and hopefully it won't be just html5 webview apps but native as they are now 
  • @absordor@mirt23 Most people would use duplication just to throw online 20 apps of the same style, just with different icon.
    But I guess you are both right. If employed well, we could earn from it. Still, way too early.
  • @anteos The good thing I see is how strict Google is latley. They will kick them or they will hge nowhere. Quality still means something I know from my experience....
  • Hi guys,
    Sorry, we're not too active on the forum, but we're keeping eye on it for important questions, and also driving other people from support questions to read stuff here, as you are doing a marvelous job throughout the years providing help to other developers. 
    We're planning to release a small update on the forum, giving go live for a newer system. Question is, are you ok with having access to the forum with separate login? Or you're all taking advantage of logging in with Andromo App Maker credentials? 
    We'd appreciate a reply from some of you, most active writers :)
  • Now, about the upcoming updates. It's important you are sharing your thoughts on updates. And in regards to project duplication - while many have asked about this, this is in a plan as an update, but it will be very thought through update, taking into account your comments and concerns. Mainly, project duplication is related to upcoming template option, where one would be able to choose not just from own saved projects/templates, but also use our pre-made templates for various App types. We hope the release of these features will give a better experience for our users. As for copy paste Apps - we know Google Play will look after that, so you, ones who spend a lot of effort creating Apps - you will be the winners on this because you know how to make quality Apps with years of experience. 
    By the way, you are welcome to post various suggestions on awaited new features here on the forum. We're very open to hearing those to build better Andromo than ever :) 
  • There was a lot request for some search option, many apps have 50 or 100 activites and users ask for search, also some favorites option to add activity which you like in some new tab. That would be great. Also you maybe can improve shoutcast player because this one cant playback all streams, there is some AACP format which Andromo player cant play, and users will see error message.
  • And for the forum, I have 3 andromo subscriptions so for me new forum with one username will be great.
  • A search activity is one of the most requested since a lot of time ago. 
    And about the forum, one username would be ok
  • Glad to see the forum updated again.
    No problems in creating a new login for the forum.
  • @andromoappmaker Glad to see any news updated from andromo :)

    Waiting for Multilingual and search features on activity  :) :) :) :)

    Love andromo  <3
  • @anteos you are very very right! No matter how bad i want the duplicate feature, i will still say it is too early and will most likely do more harm than good!! With the ability to clone/duplicate an app, people will simply spam the hell out of Google Play. This duplicate feature is not welcomed!!

    If you want to duplicate, you can still do it by simply adding more activities and disabling other activities then change package and submit as new app. Of course a pro plan is needed to be able to do this!
  • duplicate feature is not a good idea, would not add value to the many
  • @akadone2 I give you the reason that you can currently duplicate applications, but involves a lot of work, we should not be limited to all by bad users and their bad practices. Already Google Play already has its filters, I prefer to think that my only limit is my creativity.

    I will raise a scenario imagine you have to create apps from countries (Europe) and for each you have to perform the same tasks, configure everything every time, and what happens when we can compile for IOS, you would not be much more like doubling those same apps that are already tested So that they work with a specific configuration? Or maybe for you it would be better to create them out of nothing?

    Duplication is not synonymous with bad quality, at least in my humble opinion, I have seen developers with Andromo that have as 300 apps of the same theme (duplicates) and excellent quality and good results, ask them if you had saved a lot I work this function.

    The idea of using the best application Builder (Andromo) is precisely for that, to facilitate the path and not have to do all that coding work ourselves.

    More work does not necessarily have to be synonymous with more quality, the work does not have to be hard, but rather intelligent, but I am sure that they are more hours in front of the computer, more stress and less time with our families.

    I say yes to #duplication
  • @absordor Have you given up on Android Maker 2.0? We are practically in the month 08 of the year and so far has no updates on Maker 2.0 ....

    No release dates expected?
  • What is Andromo App Maker 2.0?  When I am logged into Andromo, at the bottom of the page, it shows version 5.1.2/476.
  • @dhapp It would be the new andromo builder, with more options which is a promise only!

    Apparently the project must have been abandoned, because no one answers, there is no scheduled date!

    We just wait for answers and never have them.
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    @dhapp We're working hard on a new builder, we have in no case abandoned it. As soon as we have actual news regarding the builder, we will share it with you immediately.
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