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  • We have waited over 3 months for this and you guys said you will fix it. 

    Now reading this that was a complete lie.

    I make Andromo Apps only using Admob as many of us do. 

    We purchased Professional yearly plan from Andromo for Admob and Admob only.

    You have to understand we don't want an alternative we have Admob accounts.

    Seriously how can you say we have an alternative being Andromo Ads. We don't care about Andromo Ads we care about Andromo apps being build for Admob ads with interstitial timings as we like it.

    Show us proof how much money people make from Andromo Ads compared to Admob.

    I paid for Professional yearly plan from Andromo for Admob and waiting for Admob interstitial timings to have options of 15, 30 secs and 1 minute. If you don't know how to do this hire people who can, our money we pay Andromo should be just as important as anyone else. If you can do this imagine how many thousands of people would join Andromo because of Admob ads having options of 15, 30 secs and 1 minute. I know so many people that would. 

    Until this happens Andromo is a waist of time and money for us. I thought Andromo owners understood this about 4 months ago.
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    @andromoappmaker do you have plan to make interstitial options under 2 minutes?
  • @olique
    At the moment we have no such plans.
  • Hi @andromoappmaker why can't Andromo hire someone who can do it interstitial options under 2 minutes. Such a shame we can't have this option.
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    Please, we need at least 45s,1 Minute option! @andromoappmaker
  • Vote for New Update  "1 Minute Interstitial Options"
  • Smaller time gap in Interstitial instead of 2 minutes would be great

  • Upvote for new "1 minute interstitial options"
  • Pues ciertamente es lo que debería de ser que los intersticiales fuesen de al menos 1 minuto y los banner de 30 segundos... Todo eso de la política para ayudar a hacer unas aplicaciones menos agresivas está muy bien pero es cierto que los ingresos que se generan con esta plataforma son infinitamente menores que con otras. Si esta política de empresa tarda demasiado en cambiar yo posiblemente cambie de plataforma
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