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Hello Gentlemen of Andromo

A few months ago I have been experiencing some difficulties with monetization of admob, at the moment there are only 4 apps that present problems but I have about 80 similar apps and I am worried that I cannot solve that problem since it could be just the tip of iceberg, they have disabled me all advertising of these apps for the same error (Site Behavior: Navigation). At first I thought it would be an easy problem to solve just updating the apps but I have already done it several times and it has not worked, I have checked if I find broken links or url that do not work correctly, but in theory everything is very good, it is more I don't have a warning or anything on google play.

It is strange because I request the revision and that warning returns to me and admob does not give a more exact information of the problem just sends me to check again and upload a new apk.

I don't know what else to do, are you aware of this error?

Note: I have already uploaded a support ticket months ago and I am still waiting for an answer.


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    Hola /Hi absordor  , 

    can screenshot at least one of your app  (home / main page of app)? Just to see if 'template type' was problem ... 

  • I just got one of these too for "navigation". Not sure what's causing it...
  • Make sure all pages in your app have contents in them. Also make sure the content is rich not shallow or little information. Try to minimize the number of similar pages in your app too. E.g instead of making several audio player activities, try to combine all audios in one audioPlayer. Rebuild your app and update it in Google Play. When the update is live, go to your admob account, policy center, tell them the changes youve done to fix the problem and request a review.

    Good luck.
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