Andromo no update

i have given up on andromo, we have been waiting for years for updates and false promises

i will not be renewing my membership, its been a ice blast



  • @andromoappmaker better you make update for member request, such as admob interstitial timing under 2 minutes
  • @olique Are you sure that's what you want? That was one of the problems with Andromo Ads - they were showing up too frequently and my users didn't like it.
  • Please don't compare Andromo Ads with Admob. We have ask for admob interstitial timing under 2 minutes but unfortunately they don't have the proper people employed to do that. Until they do those who join Andromo for admob interstitial ads will wish they didn't join Andromo. I have too many apps here on Andromo to leave so I wished when I started it was elsewhere that have interstitial timing under 2 minutes. Frustrating customer but it seems Andromo don't care what there customers want or the people from Andromo who should know they don't know.
  • Hopefully Admob Interstititals under 2 minutes come back....
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    Ainda não renovei minha assinatura!

    Infelizmente, o andromo gera menos de 60% dos aplicativos criados com outra plataforma.

    Unfortunately the andromo is abandoned. If you look at the topics is full of spam and no one to moderate ...
  • Vote for admob native ads
  • Hopefully someone from Andromo team can give some responses to these matters....I don´t want to worry, but....don´t want earnings to suffer. I got the yearly plan, but if this don´t work well a lot of us will not renew it...  :(
  • Correcto... no es de recibo que sigamos con la misma historia de siempre de no poder bajar esos 2 minutos en los intersticiales ya que el problema en caso de abuso de spam sería NUESTRO, y no de Andromo, en fin yo ya he empezado a abandonar aplicaciones y si la situación no ha cambiado cuando me acabe el plan anual dejaré de construir con esta plataforma, sinceramente.
  • Sad that no answers are issued by Andromo Team, hope to no regret getting the annual subscription. But by all the comments here I am not feeling very optimistic. :(
  • Still waiting until the new year
  • @tones it's a valid comparison because the behavior you're asking for is what the Andromo ads were doing that drove my users away.
  • @tholyoak As I said in my post there are people who aim not to make money, my app goal is to make money, and I have experience to say that ads don't scare users when content is worth ...

    For people who don't want to make money I think they have to have an option about displaying the ad, but the best way in my opinion is an ad after the splash.
  • i think andromo team response is zero right now.
    even they haven't time for their renewal user. 
    i also paid renewal amount by 20-Dec-19 they didn't update my subscription. its painful for me i think they torche rus. 
  • @kishansangani
    We are resolving your problem with your ticket support
  • @tholyoak can you keep your opinions to yourself. Someone ask a question here to Andromo it's to them. I see you replying in other discussion that doesn't help the person asking the questions. My customers aren't leaving in droves, it's my apps and if I have a option for interstitial ads timing under 2 minutes it's up to me. They are my apps. Maybe your apps aren't so great, I don't know. You have being building your apps for 7 years, great stuff and remember they are your apps.

    I just which Andromo had the option of under 2 minutes. Shame nothing is done about it.
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    Agree with @tones702
  • Sorry, but Andromo needs to know that not all customers want the things that you want. I've been depending on Andromo for 7 years, and I'm not about to keep my opinions to myself.
  • I believe this is a bad thing, it will generate competition for the developer, because many developers strive to make an app with andromo; Since some features are limited is very hard.

    Unfortunately a section with "examples published and true " will encourage copying and may harm the community of developers. is possible make a copy exactment the app on play store.
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    They really are optional items and each person should have full control over their app, at most 2 minutes there as recommended.

    Now in my humble opinion @tholyoak he is a user of the andromo team to be able to resonate the topics defending the builder, because in all the comments he is always against andromo defense cumunity, even this ad issue is quite optional!

    another item is appbar it is not hidden this is a 2013 request how will i make html5 fullscreen games if the actionbar is not hidden?
  • I think we are having trouble communicating. Are you actually saying I work for Andromo? I'm just as frustrated with them as anyone else. I wish the founders had never sold out.
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