[URGENT] Poor performance with Interstitial Ads

I look forward to months promised updates on the placement admob, facebook ads, the "new builder" has not come out today, unfortunately the andromo team does not seem to be giving the promises ...
At the beginning of the year they promised a new builder and to this day we don't have at least one BETA or at least one Alpha or smaller Print Screen so we can get excited.

Another issue I await is a solution on income performance ...
Unfortunately with the andromo platform I have a horrible performance, see below:

When I program using native android I have good yields using the following rendering formula:
With this formula all users will see an ad, unfortunately not everyone who opens the app will interact with it, especially with a builder ...

It is a formula indicated by google:


In my metrics 60% of the ads that are requested are not displayed because they don't have a certain interaction ...
Today if you earn $ 1000 could be earning 60% more isos in large numbers is quite relevant ...

I await a position from the andromo team that unfortunately has been ignoring via chat.

I expect the support of the joint to charge this, because it is difficult to get installations and finally the advertisement is not displayed and we stop making money.


  • Interesting post. Hope Andromo Team can clarify this issue.
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    Today for adromo to be 100% useful for me, this is missing a post publishing configuration system ...

    Example a json file online where through the user interface we can edit it and automatically update the application in the store ... Unfortunately today the application is static without external modifications. Things that in other builds already have.

    These two details fixed andromo would be the best BUILDER in the world, because the code is native, app is small in size, nice UI ...
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    No answers yet by Andromo Team
  • Sad is this neglect, because recently responded other articles
  • I purposefully have my apps set to wait to display any interstitials. The last thing my users want is to see an ad right after opening the app.
  • @tholyoak This is easy to solve, for those whose main purpose is not to make money, put an option to enable or disable ...

    But I doubt if I would not like to use this gain increase is auto, since CPC is the goal of the ad, with high CPC the yield is better ...

    If you earn $ 15 a day with an andromo app today you will earn on average $ 45 displaying the ad to 100% of users.

    Unfortunately not all users interact with the app, in my case I prefer to display after the splash and google recommends it.

    At a minimum this feature should be there as optional.
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    I have won over the last 3 years over 100k usd with apps I have an account manager including recommending use after the splash ...

    I'm not here assuming it would look good! I am saying that it will improve the yield, unfortunately it is the main negative point of andromo, since the second is the lack of json consumption ...

    But if the team corrects the ad issue andromo will be ready for use as I see it! I paid 2 years of annual subscription awaiting this improvement is over 730 days awaiting an improvement in the ad...

    Remembering that we do not have today in Andromo another way to monetize apps if not with ads
  • I would rather keep loyal users long term than have to keep getting new users because they don't like the ads always in their face.

    And ads are not the only way to monetize apps. You can also sell them.
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    Sell apps made by a builder? Good Luck!
    Unfortunately your income must be minimal in the month!

    Now tell me, if you don't like this monetization option for that which add option an on / off switch ...

    For people like you who don't like money the ideal option is to disable it! Unfortunately the bad thing is not having the possibility of activation.
  • I've sold lots of apps in the 7 years that I've been using Andromo. How long have you been doing it?
  • Having the option would be nice, every individual could pick the choice of his personal interest.
  • @tholyoak
    Just 3 years and I've done over $ 100,000 and if Andromo were better optimized I would have made over $ 150,000 easily!
    Sorry but I don't believe you sold this in apps in the last 3 years! Great apps can't sell that much, they have an in-app put option, and andromo still doesn't have that capability. If you tell me you sold this in the last 3 years I will believe you have a virtual store kkkkk

    It took me basically 1 year to really get the hang of it giving me 90,000 dollars in 2 years I have my doubts if I can sell apps to replace this gain ...

    Remembering that each time I earn more and more!
    What I propose is an improvement for everyone in the community to earn it based on tips from my admob manager.
  • @kellvemalves
    Congratulations! So you started around 2016-2017? If yes, that's really impressive. In Jan. 2017 I stopped publishing new apps because whatever I published, it just didn't seem to get any traction. I was very active from mid-2012 to 2017. In this period, it was fairly easy to get organic traffic. Maybe Google changed their discovery algorithms again in the meantime, I don't know. 

    Your $100K income is mostly from Andromo based apps?
  • @hendrixs

    At first my apps were based on andromo, but I started learning and today I use andromo as bait for good keywords, I publish a basic app in a few hours; After that I develop one in flutter or java ...

    The change of google at this time was in the evaluation of apps they base their positions on ratings VS downloads (this being very informal)

    1 year / 2 years I pissed off the andromo team about the rating popup andromo didn't have it, the apps gave 10,000 downloads with few ratings, didn't get positions and the chance was high for a person who didn't like to rate badly. This greatly affected the organic traffic, and the popup with andromo + onesingal has improved!

    I put in to request evaluation with 1 day and then I push 2 in 2 2 with that I can collect ratings and win + position ...

    I have no english, I use google translator, so it's so sorry sorry!
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    It looks like you found a winning combination. That's really impressive. I'm still passionate about apps, but have switched my business model to websites and ecommerce.

    In the period of 5 years, I was able to make over $500K from apps and most of it came from Andromo. I also had 5 managers in total at Google (AdMob, Business Strategy, Promotions,...) and it was really fun until it lasted.

    If I'd have time, I'd definitely give it another try. What kind of apps do you mostly make?
  • As I said I catch keywords and the good ones I usually shoot everywhere :D

    I've tried many other builders, some even better on features but usually a large hybrid app; But still my favorite in price and speed is andromo in my view lacking basic features that the team fails to serve the community!

    For years the community has been asking for a simple option of the app being fullscreen is good for html5 games where we are encouraged and unfortunately such a basic option has not been met ...

    In 2014 and to this day this option does not exist, and there are several topics asking for it; This is disappointing for a money-making team like the andromo company;

    They once created a forum thread asking the missing resources: I thought now go !!!! Unfortunately it seems that nothing that has been said there has been answered to this day; My lack of patience today is because I have been having 3 years but monetization is something that has to be paramount it has to be always improved!

    To this day we do not have native ads gosh! Rewarded Ads Will We One Day Have? In-app sales?

    These are basic things that it looks like andromo has stopped in time unfortunately for us!
  • @hendrixs
    What I say here, usually managers are like friends, you ask and they help; Unfortunately the boy above there is blind, does not know the potential that is to win with ads ...


  • Hm, yeah, it's probably very hard to keep the price competitive, work on all the current changes that Google is imposing, plus developing new features.
  • @kellvemalves you do realize you can just sell apps directly in Google Play, right? No in-app stuff needed for that. Like I said, I'm more interested in making quality apps that users keep coming back to year after year. Not junky ad-ridden stuff that constantly has to find new users.

    And I know what Google recommends to developers because I do Android development with Java for my day job. (Which makes me really appreciate how easy it is to make the kind of apps where Andromo excels!)
  • @tholyoak
    Are you from the andromo team? Because besides being the only one who doesn't want improvements, it also promotes andromo

    Andromo is really good but it needs a lot of improvements!
  • @kellvemalves

    agree, I like the app builder, but if things can be done to improve, welcome, do not know how hard is for Andromo to implement some, at least the one you are talking about and result in much better earnings, that would be awesome. 
  • No response from andromo team? 
  • When you open the APP and quickly click on a list item, especially with 3g network or slow wifi is not displayed the interstitial, being the most profitable ad ...

    Dramatically decreasing the ads performance in apps made with andromo, for this reason my suggestion to only finish the splash after the ad displayed.

    This way the ad will be displayed to 100% of users increasing the chance of clicks.

    @andromoappmaker ; I ask the andromo team to test this scenario above.
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    Low earnings will mean no renewal of subscription. Thank you, @kellvemalves for give feedback. 
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    Hopefully Andromo Team can give their point of view, at this time no answer from them, do not know how many things (functions) had been promised and which are not done or implemented. Builder has new design, I had not play with it yet. Made a bunch of apps with the older version waiting for decent results on revenue, and from there take a decision on keep making apps or not and the same to keep or not Andromo subscription.
  • @kellvemalves, it's not that I don't want improvements. I just want different improvements. There are things we've been asking for much longer than you've been here, that the new owners now finally seem to be implementing. I don't want them distracted because they think everyone wants something else.
  • @tholyoak I see, for you the gain with ads ads is not something important?
    I believe that for many this is one of the main resources for generating revenue.
  • I do receive more from ads in my free apps than I do from selling my apps that are not free. But I still value the user experience over spamming them with ads.
  • @tholyoak
    It is not spamming ads, it may even continue with 2 minutes, but we need a better strategy to display the ads because home if you have a 4g oscillating internet and quickly clicking on 1 item it is possible that the user leaves the app without see 1 interstitial and this in my view is inadmissible.

    We need a positioning strategy to improve app financial performance... 

    I don't even know why I still answer you, you're a sucker!
  • Don't have news about updates from ads optimization per part of andromo team!
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