Legacy builder versus New Builder

I accidentally migrated to the new andromo on one of my accounts and my experience was horrible!

I have other andromo accounts and will never migrate to the new version. I will keep my legacy builder for as long as i am allowed to!

You complicated everything and messed up with almost everything in the new version of andromo.

I can not even mention the downsides just allow us to continue using the legacy builder!!


  • I have not yet migrated mine because I've been waiting to hear from those that have. We have not been told what the new version gives us, and I've been waiting to see if there are reasons to migrate and if there are any problems. I'm glad I've waited. But I'm still curious to know what's actually changed?
  • There really is no advantage to migrating to the new builder.  It's basically just a drag and drop thing.  It can be a bit confusing at first.  I am using it but there really are no advantages to it... not yet anyway.
  • For me the new builder is better, I can do the things I used to do but a little more faster. Besides the option of duplicating activities and projects is a feature the comunnity asked before and now is included. Also to have a "preview" of how will the app will look, is something that I really like. I think we have to wait for new features on this new builder.
  • You are right about the duplicating of projects and the preview option, they are definitely a plus.
  • If you have an audio player activity included in your app and that you have several tracks in this activity, you'll hate the new builder. Because now you can't edit these tracks at once. I use to open each track in a separate tab and do the edit like change audio with better quality audio etc but now you must do that one by one because the edit button can not be opened in a new tab. Likewise now you can't add several tracks at once because the add track button can also not be OPENED IN A NEW TAB. The preview youre talking about it is not at all interesting because it is not perfect as there is huge difference between how Andromo shows it and how the actual app looks on mobile..also you can not interact with the preview. We use to finish everything in one tab but now you must switch between different tabs to get an activity done. Even the save button seems laggy. So many downsides in this new builder. I just hope they'll improve it or allow us to go back to the legacy builder as it is better than this useless update.
  • @AishaAlbasheer Thanks for your suggestion, we will add this functionality to our feature list
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