Please add Facebook sdk for app installs

Good day andromo Team,
thank you very much for the great service and platform you have given us.
I write ti remind you about the facebook sdk for app installs ,
However i have a very important request. You see the correct and best way to promote our app is by 'buying installs' and not by pay per click. we have been unable to promote our app via facebook app installs campaign because andromo lacks the facebook sdk feature that is required by facebook before you can buy installs, we have been limited to opt in for facebook pay per click and impressions ads. which is not favourable at all cos you will be paying for no conversion most times. Facebook is like the best platform for promoting  your app as it has worldwide audience. and its inface the cheapest platform to promote your app.

If we continue using the pay per click method.. you can have 1000 clicks in your app and nobody installs and yet you pay for each click. same with impressions, buy if we promote with facebook app installs, we are buying guaranty installs and not clicks, we only pay when people install out app. this is the right way to promote an app, but we need you to install the facebook sdk so we can have  a more successful business with our andromo apps. thank you very much as i expect this facebook sdk to be implemented properly in your next update of feature. Thanks Godstinoh team.


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