Adfly works on andromo

I recently just started learning some html and I made a small app that when you tap a button to load a new website ADfly wil pop-up for 5 seconds then you can tap a skip button to go into the website. So anyone with an ADfly account can use ADfly in andromo apps!!


  • I thought about this and looked in to it a while back and decided didn't pay enough and reading up at the time there were some tracking issues with mobile.
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    It's the same as interstitial ads. A full window banner. But now EVERY time you open the activity. I would say it's very annoying to click ADfly away every time you open the activity. It's a great option if you have a download link etc but for activities you use more often? No, I don't think that's a good idea.
  • I also got other networks to work too. But you can change the code in adfly to just show banners, and you can delay when it pops up. Why is everyone so quick to judge without thinking?
  • Well, it's my own experience. Although I didn't know about the delay. That's added recently?
  • Yes its coded in so you have to use the HTML activity in andromo to input it. Its a little technical but when I get the chance I will post and explain a little HTML and how it works.
  • Wasn't being quick to judge without thinking, I tried this already and its a waste of time for the ROI.

    Also I don't want to hack in HTML banners etc, want  real SDK support. Seen your Leadbolt post, yes you can use there banners & App walls, but you are not getting the real higher paying ad types by using that.

    You can not ad network support on a real SDK level to Andromo it takes the dev team to do it, everything else is just a band-aide.

    Also I have 100's of apps and I use many different IDEs to make them, I know all about hacking in SDK support, HTML is not the answer. Andromo has to and needs to add more networks, it's clear that Tapgauge, PingJam and Mob Partner is not cutting it. I never even heard of PingJam & Tapgauge before Andromo added them and now I know why.

    Stick with the big ones that have clients and pay... Leadbolt, AppLovin and even Tapit Ads

    I can attest these guys pay, I gotten over $10k payouts before from Leadbolt

    So before you insult someone by saying they are not thinking, please consider maybe someone has beat you to the idea and it didn't work out due to lack luster integration. I commend you for thinking outside the box, but think bigger than HTML.

  •        Ok I was responding to the quick dissmissal of the idea that you couldn't add other networks and was stuck to Andromo networks. Also the Leadbolt AD wall they have given me is pretty solid with some real paying AD's. Leadbolt has excellent documentation and I was pretty surprised at how well their documentation was which made things alot easier than I thought it would be.
         I wouldn't consider what I did hacking because a hack would just leave me with an AD wall that never changes, mine's does change. Also I am just learning HTML , so in the future I will be able to do much more than I am doing now. I am trying to help those who want more choices. I refuse to just sit back and wait , because from life experience I know waiting leads to falling behind. Now I want to be ahead of the curve, so if I have to intergrate or learn more so I can fully intergrate the AD's that I want, I will.
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    My HTML

    Lastly there was nothing to get insulted by , if you got insulted by me saying you judged me too quick ,
    you got to get thicker skin. Anyway I am going back to learning HTML to figure more of this stuff out. I
    just want to help people out here.
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    HTML Life is about doing cool stuff like this, hopefully this comes out right


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    I tried some other stuff but it doesn't work in this forum.

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    I do commend you for sharing and wanting to help. Just stating before assuming someone hasn't tried something before, give a little benefit of the doubt. I been in mobile apps for over 2 years now.

    If you want to do HTML 5 games, look at Construct 2. Just know getting it in to a working mobile app is a real pain in the rear.  I've tried use HTML 5 games in web archives in Andromo. The Web Canvas can not handle the needed processing speed.

    Phone Gap and Cocoon JS are you best hope for HTML 5 accelerated apps.

    Honestly if you want to do mobile games I would avoid HTML 5 and go native ie Unity 3d, Corona, Gideros mobile, Moai , Shiva 3d

    I published a few games under Shiva 3d and made decent money, played with Unity and thinking of switching but its an entirely different programming language and methodology. 

    Andromo is not cut out for gaming at this time, but what it does do it does well. I just wish we had some better ad networks.

    Heck I even teach making mobile apps using tool such as Andromo : - Of course for my fellow Andromo community I'll do a lot better on the price if anyone gets interested. Just PM

  • @straybullet What sort of ad networks were you looking for? We've looked into many, many, (many) different networks.

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    I really think Leadbolt offers a lot of possibility with their numerous ads, their SDK isn't too horrible, it will add a little fat to the final generated APK.

    There is another one I use that I haven't seem many talk about : that offers kind of an opening screen ad, which works because they only see it once and if they don't like it they click dismiss.

    I have not used these guy but AppLovin always seems to get good recommendations:

    More of a social ad network from what I understand. If I had to pick just one it would be Leadbolt I made many many many thousands from them. They pay on time every time.

  • @straybullet What types of ad formats are you getting success with when using Leadbolt? Have you had success using their banner ads? Or one of their other formats?

  • The best was always notification ads and app walls. Never used their banner ads. They now have audio ads as well, have not tried them either.
  • @straybullet Do you mean the push notification ads? Or the in-app notification ads (pop-up dialog)? If forget exactly what types LeadBolt has as I've looked over quite a few different networks.
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  • Mr straybullet, can you give infos on what adnetwork that works with adromo where one can make money with apps pls
  • Can't pm you straybullet but could you fix me with a better price on your membership course thing. I do quite well now but I'm looking to learn even more. Do you have a skype? because I can't PM you.
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    @straybullet are you offering some kind of guide of how to optimize your income using andromo, because I tried once learnig Java but it was quite difficult and actually I don´t have the time to learn it fast, so I was wondering if your guide is about or learning Java or something similar?

  • @straybullet:  I am also interested in your course, but can't connect with you.   Can you please provide some contact details.  ( I noted your comment about doing a deal for Andromo participants - so I want to take you up on that )

  • If this is something that is completely legal and can be made with Andromo, I'm in, too. :)
  • Sorry guys haven't been checking this thread give me a few hours and Ill have something special for you
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    Notification ads are top for me, such as push ads that appear in the notification bar. Yeah not all users like them, but they are getting free apps from the ads. 
  • @straybullet any suggestions as to how to set up notification ads?
  • It's a great article you can see more apps at Mod Apps store for free for mobile phones.

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