Upload app on Google play store

Has any one ever uploaded his andromo app.on Google play store


  • Yes, the activity that brings you most flexibility is HTML Archive. This let's you build an app using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Zip it and upload it. When you build your app with andromo, it creates the app as if you coded it into Android Studio with Java or Kotlin.

    Easy Admob, Facebook Ads or Applovin integration, easy building.

    With good ASO you don't really need the more expensive Andromo package, but it is certainly worth it for the added features.

    I am currently earning 1-5 euros a day with just one of my apps that just recently hit the 20k downloads mark. It's not big money, but hey, every little counts, plus it's just the beginning.

    And remember, no matter how good or bad your app is, 90% of the money that you'll earn is up to your App Store Optimization game.

  • Hey, I have a question about the possibility of placing adobe code in the box in Monetization because I tried it but the field is not activated will it be done after the application is ready?

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