Anyone else noticed that the information in Firebase Analytics is useless?

I used to use Google Analytics for my apps until it was discontinued by Google. I was glad that Andromo implemented Firebase Analytics. But I have recently discovered that internal reference names are being reported instead of the friendly names that were being reported to Google Analytics. This makes the reporting completely useless except to know that someone is actually using my app. I used to be able to see that someone was listening to the "Really Good Podcast," for example, and now all I see is that they're listening to "Podcast 948389." If my app has more than one podcast, this makes it so I have no idea which one they're listening to.

I've opened a support case on this, but the person that answered it said they have no answer but to talk to Firebase support??!!??


  • I sent some screen shots of the old Analatyics data compared to the new Firebase data, and did some more explaining, and apparently they will be looking into it now.
  • Yes I noticed this issue and I messaged the Andromo team about it twice, never got a response..............It's very frustrating not to be able to track which of your app activities is getting attention and which are being ignored by users.  

    I wish there was a fix for this. 

  • This was completely dropped after they said they would look into it in January. I am going to open a new support case now and see if the new support team is better as they have promised.

  • Good idea! I'd still like to know if the issue can be resolved.

  • Yep, hate firebase. Google Analytics was great. Firebase provides no useful info. No breakdown per app. Zilch. Worthless

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