How about a folder system?

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I don't believe currently that there is a way to do this, so I am going to suggest it here.

Basically, what I would like to see is a folder system. Where you can open a folder on the dashboard (main screen) and you could then access activities that are listed within said folder. Let's use an app about cars for an example. Say you had two folders, one titled Chevrolet and the other Ford. If you opened the Chevrolet folder you could then access activities such as a Chevy photo album, Chevrolet's website, a Chevy RSS feed, etc. The same would go for the Ford folder.

I think that this would help declutter a lot of apps.


  • I also want this feature
  • Now that 3.0.4 is out, you can use the activities linking feature to somewhat achieve this effect


    You just need to select the "None" dashboard and use a HTML page for your menu (folders) page.
  • I'll have to give this a try. Sounds promising.
  • What your talking about is called nested menus. Multiple layers of menus to drill down a complex list of options or Manny pages or activities. I also would love to have this feature. But requires extensive amount of code
  • Well like ghazaly said we can basically do this now using a custom page with no dashboard. I've messed around with it a little bit and it seems to work pretty well.
  • What I would like to see is multipull dashboards.
  • Any chance of a little tutorial shaney_g, im just learning html so not that proficient with programming code.
  • Just found this

    Linking to Another Activity

    The Custom Page activity also allows you to open another
    activity from a link using the special URL format:


    Each activity contains an internal unique identifier that can be
    referenced for opening it. You can find each activity's reference
    URL in the bottom right-hand corner under the "Save Changes" button
    on it's "Edit" page. You can access each activity's settings from
    the "Activities" tab, by clicking the "Edit" button next to the
    activity you're looking for. It will appear as a value such as:


    where "gallery3148" is the internal identifier for that
    particular activity. This value will be different for each activity
    in your project.

    As an HTML hyperlink, this would be formatted as:

    <a href="andromo://gallery3148">Visit Our Photo Gallery</a>

    You can view the Custom Page's HTML source by clicking the
    "Source" button in the editor.

    If you'd like to open the dashboard, you can specify the


    As an HTML hyperlink, this would be formatted as:

    <a href="andromo://dashboard">Go Home</a>

  • So I need to create a folder where 6 different website activities will be placed .i may use the custom page but should I mark every website activity as hidden?i need only the folder on the main menu

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