Please clear this situation on "AdMob privacy url"

I was hoping to find an answer in the existing threads on this new "AdMob privacy url" section but didn't find a definitive answer/solution.

So, what URL (weblink) can we put here?

1: Will it be a URL linking to a self hosted page with a privacy policy or better yet AdMob privacy policy?

2: Will be a URL of Google Play Policy (As suggested via some answers in Andromo support forum)

If non of the above, please guide what URL to put here.

Looking forward to build a package ASAP but that's the only thing holding me back right now.

Thanks in advance 👍️


  • It should be a link to a self-hosted page. You can use the same link that you use for the privacy policy that Google Play requires.

  • @TrevorH Perfect, thanks for the quick answer.

  • Sign in to your Play Console account.

    Choose an app.

    In the left menu, click Version management> Device catalog.

    If you haven't already, review and accept the Terms of Service.

    Select the tabs All, Supported or Excluded.

    If you want to download a device list as a CSV file, click Download device list near the right side of the page.

    Details on the Terms of Service

    To access the device catalog and functionality, review and accept the Terms of Service. To accept the new terms, you must be the account owner or a user with generic "Manage production versions" permission. After you agree to the terms for an app in your account, you can continue to use the device catalog for all your apps.

    If you do not agree to the Terms of Service:

    You cannot access the device catalog.

    You cannot exclude devices from distribution.

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