Responsive templates advice anyone?

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I have played around with some responsive templates and so far they seem to play well with Andromo. Does anybody have input or word of advice before jumping into making a responsive template?

So far I have test this ones and this one and they have worked just as the demo.


  • What did you play with?
  • Hello Islatur,

    I have been there and the best advice I can give you is to make your own responsive templates, using a Mac app called "Rapidweaver"....otherwise, you are stuck with someone elses layout.  Its a easy learning curve, as it is a drag and drop interface.

    It's cheap and you can get  a discount via "cult of mac", from time to time.

    The Rapidweaver plugins are real good which include a CMS plugin for PageLime.

    I've compiled Rapidweaver web sites and packaged into Andromo OK...with minor issues with forms (work in progress!)

    Give that a look and let me know what you think!


  • Thanks a lot. That is cool indeed :>
  • Thanks for the advice, i'll look into it.
    Can you share the links of your apps, just to get an idea of what you have done
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