Can you hook up to a shared object written in c?

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I heard about Andromo yesterday (via Android Authority) and joined minutes ago.

Is it possible to use Andromo for the GUI but hook up with my preexisting shared object which has been written in C?  If yes, that would be awesome!


  • Andromo doesn't offer any ability to hook up with a C object, but I must admit you've piqued my curiosity. What kind of object is it?
  • It contains high performance math routines that are fully validated.
  • This would be an interesting feature - the Android app GUI development takes up a lot of time - being able to hook in C (or other code) would be really interesting...

    Something we'll have to look into.

    Maybe some more info about the object format etc would be helpful...
  • It's nothing special.  I'm really just talking about your standard
    UNIX-style run-of-the-mill dynamically linked shared object library
    (e.g.,  See
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