New features and Andromo V3!



  • the existing olds apps ( API levels 29 target SDK 30) will not be removed.

    It appears you are correct, which is a relief. I could have sworn that I had originally read that they would be removed, and I was afraid I was going to lose my whole business. Not being able to do any more updates is still going to be a problem, however.

  • @RomanJuly i am telling about one bug from last 15 to 20 days even you guys even didnt bother such big tool have such bug.

    GO to monetization on top you see interstitial

    in which time Between interstitial Option are here

    2 Minutes

    3 minites

    3 minutes

    5 minutes

    2 time 3 minute such big tool have such bad bug.


  • @RomanJuly


    Any news about the functionnality "Show a license agreement dialog box ".

    Andromo users did you publish your apps without this functionality ? it can cause problem with google play store review


  • We need bookmark for music

  • hello

    Online Audio Player doesn't work

    He is works in andromo Preview

    But when I put it on the phone, it doesn't work

    I tried on some phones and it doesn't work

    Please fix the problem

  • @RomanJuly

    please one suggestion to add incription and description in online audio so if we put the url on this no one can theft url and use so that will be better.

  • @RomanJuly

    I Create app using V3 its look perfect i also ignore its big size, I don't know why its became 20+MB. same V2 complete this type app under 6MB.

    But when i published app on play store and also share link to my friends to check app. But Some of them Complain about Running app slow and buggy.

    So, i try to check myself from another decides. I found it's true that its slow and hang some time when we scroll. Sometime we have to tap twice to open activity. I made this app but i feel really bad when i operate this app.

    My advice to andromo team that please fix this types of bugs instead of new features and please continue v2 with new updates.

  • GACoder

    Please, contact with all details (app package name, screen shots)

  • @RomanJuly You guys you never solve problems instead you reply with " we are working on it soon" we are just tired of your empty promises

  • If you cannot solve the problem, can I get a refund my money?

    I need to create audio apps

    but Online Audio Player is not working

  • Please add progress/loading in websites. its really important feature.

  • @RomanJuly I am having the same issue like user_#979041. But the support team is paying a deaf ear without solving the online audio player

  • DigitalInnovationsAfrica


    We are currently working on that. Should be available soon.

  • one more feature looking for is custom page and wallpaper activity managed by self-hosting.


  • Hi @RomanJuly , I have send an Email two times to, but has been a week still not getting response, I'm an ultra user. but support for us is too poor

    I need help, please respond my email. Thanks

  • Image is streched when installed as wallpaper

    Hi @RomanJuly

    I got a reply from support on 15 Jun 2021.

    "Hello, currently working on it. We are adding crop functionality. Planning to add till beginning of next week".

    Note: I keep paying for the ultra plan. But it has been over a month of not being able to produce an app.

  • Dear devs!

    Do you need .asx playlsts format for radio activity?

    It is pretty outdated and we are considering whether to add to to V3 or not.

    Thank you for you feedback

  • @RomanJuly We need an online audio player that can play both shout cast, Ice cast and others. and formats like .mp3, m3u8 e.t.c.

    Like the one in V2.

  • @RomanJuly We need .asx playlist support for Online Audio Player, Podcast Player with .xml Playlist Support and Radio Player with .m3u Playlist support. We have a lot of V2 Apps using these playlists types. So In order to update those apps we need those features in V3 Builder as well. However if you have modern way to make playlists other than .asx please add them. Professional Subscribers including me do not have the access to Firebase Audio Player. So you guys must include any method to make playlists with Online Audio Player/Radio Player/Podcast Player. I hope you understand our concerns!

  • @AndroidKing Well stated without forgetting the Shoutcast and ice cast @RomanJuly Though and the andromo team know what we want but they are just playing around to buy time because we have been asking for this for the past 3 months and it is in V2 and in V3 it worked for 3 days on May 29th, 30th, and 31st and it was again disabled. I am sure these guys are just playing us around to buy time

  • @DigitalInnovationsAfrica Yes, same here. they are always saying "We are working on it" I make apps with Andromo since 2014. But I never felt this much of disappointment before. I know it takes time to develop those features in the backend. However, they should at least add the existing features in V2 to V3 before adding fancy features first to V3. I still hope they will add these much needed features before august. I don't have patience anymore. Because there are many apps to update from my side. For that I need those features in V3!

  • @AndroidKing True they would have existing features in V2 to V3. I joined andromo because of the online audio stream. I did not join it because they of the new features or because they were working on IOS so they should work on the existing features first. also disappointed @RomanJuly

  • We need all the radio and podcast functionality that we had in V2 at the minimum.

  • for andromo V3, please don't separate the audio player online and also offline... just combine it and it won't be a problem like in andromo V2..

  • I just created a new application, installed ad code ranging from inter ads and banner ads. but after i try, there is a problem. my app only shows blank page when logging into one activity


  • @RomanJuly I build V3 with fireabase photo gallery. Once ready on the andromo web, it looks perfect. But when I tried the apk on the phone it didn't work.

    *Already reported to support but no answer.

  • RSD

    You will be answered at the support

  • @RomanJuly can you guys include among the monetization in v3. I can only see Facebook and Admob. A lot of my v2 apps use to monetize. how can I migrate to v3 if you don't include I will appreciate if this is done. Thanks

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