Facebook new bidding system.


As you all if the fellow andromo users know, we can't use Facebook Audience network any more with andromo. and a lot of us only use FAN to monetize their apps.

Please guys we need a solution ASAP, we need a mediation network added to the builder.

If you are working on it please let us know.

Thank you


  • @RomanJuly before IOS we needed this to do earning .....

  • yes I'm using FAN as monetize methode with Andromo for more than 2 years, if they didn't add new FAN bidding system ASAP i will leave andromo

  • Any update on this?. Or we switch to some other platform. Please tell honestly

  • Hi!

    We are trying to test how it works and haven't succeeded so far. It seems that Facebook has made it too complicated.

    As soon as we receive results and see how Facebook wants it to work - we will be able to evaluate the complexity of necessary changes and get back to devs with a feedback.


    Andromo team

  • 4 months ago and you still trying to test how Facebook new bidding system it works

    bad company andromo will lose to much

    switching definitively to another platform ciao

  • RomanJuly

    Leaving all the work, you should concentrate on the bidding itself. Because if you are not successful in this by September, then about 70% of the users will leave this platform. Because on this platform the ads of any network other than Facebook do not run for long on Andromo Apps.

  • Dear friends, we have tried to set up mediation manually for 1 of our apps and there were errors in the process of integration. Facebook representative says - wait for 1 week. So, we will be able to evaluate this task after everything works well on a Facebook side.

  • @RomanJuly

    what if you will integrate admob mediadion for facebook .I tried with android studio it works very well.

    I just think that there is no need to talk to facebook. if you will add admob mediation everything will be OK

  • @VHSVideoEditor I wish these guys could be taking Ideas everything would have been fine.

  • VHSVideoEditor is not good idea we need 2 to 3 mediation i suggest about mopub mediation reason lots of user here dont have admob account or banned so they have only Facebook so better to go with other partner like mopub , Ironsource so all will use admob and facebook as well . if someone wish not to use admob he can use easily.

    @RomanJuly @meold

    Look at https://developers.mopub.com/publishers/mediation/integrate/

  • @RomanJuly Any Update on Facebook Bidding Mediation, It's More than a week, Will you get a response from Facebook regarding your integration issue?

  • @Devappfreak its more than month bro not a week as you say

    there is any impression on fan or earning if you not make bidding mediation this company Andromo is bullshit and support too more than bullshit as you can see lots of post have no responding

  • 70 i email them too they said


    Currently we are testing Facebook bidding setup.


    Andromo team.

    may be we will have good news soon. be positive .. always happen good .. mediation is really easy thing why andromo took much time i dont know.

  • @Devappfreak

    i always positive bro but

    many of us email andromo team in February about bidding if andromo care about customers i think now we are working but they don't take things seriously

    integration bidding not that easy for platform like andromo but i can see platform not better than andromo upgrad the system bidding

    andromo took too much time cause not honest company

  • 70 yes they took much time. but we have time till sept .. do you know everything done by andromo at last moment this time i am sure they will do. i suggest them mopub if they discuss with them and do we are on good condition now.

    they are really bad after company change they are amazing before

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    YOUR RIGHT there still time till sept for the apps already in store with fan as monitisation but if you want put fan monitisitaion for new apps ads will not appear for new apps

    i trust Andromo they do great job for last two years but things took to much time

    We hope Andromo integrat Mobup great network too and easy to use

  • @Devappfreak

    We hope Andromo integrate Mobup Great network easy to use with no fking limite as admob

  • 70

    True bro i am also waiting for it..

  • Ten of my admob accounts got suspended. Andromo Apps is not compatible with Admob. Please find some other way or else we will cancel the subscription. We have lost a lot. The app has been out of trending since you changed the platform. Combine Facebook bidding with a platform other than Admob. If you can't do this please tell us openly.

  • Hi Team Andromo, Did you get any success in Facebook bidding integration?

  • where the update about bidding intergration FAN ??????

    Come on andromo team!!!!!

  • @RomanJuly @meold

    You guys even dont care about users?

    everyone was in worrry and no response from your team July about to over and September is coming when it is ready.. we also want time to update the apps and taking approval from other network.

  • @Devappfreak

    bro you talking about September? its about old app montised by fan

    what about new apps? new app ads cant appear bro

    this fcking Andromo just stole money they dont care about us all network alternative update the system bidding we need to stop all subscription and change to another network

  • Any good news?

  • MasihKreatif

    i trust most the andromo now i lose hope from them really bad support they are not able to do the important thing ... V3 is low stable i got many bad review.

  • @Devappfreak

    yeah i think we should start transition to another builder or android studio

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    hey guys, any suggestions for new builder?

  • MasihKreatif now they are doing.

  • @devappfreak hope it gets resolved soon

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