Webview App : V2 is better than V3

i created several webview apps using v2. It is simple app, just to show up my website. Why i like V2 :

  • V2, We can DISABLE/hide navigation drawer because my website already has it.
  • V2, We can show firsy activity (no dashboard), so website will show up direclty. In V3 we must click menu in the dashboard first to call the website, so it is not good.

WHY V3 can't do like V2?? i Hope in for webview in V3, we can disable navigation drawer and also can have option "NO Dashboard".



  • You can actually show first activity in V3 aswell

    Got to settings>basic>custom initial route to insert the root url of your activity . follow the guide below the option

  • @RomanJuly help help help. i also have the same problem. when the application does not use the internet then the application uses the webview an error occurs. app can't return to dashboard

  • JuangFamily

    You need to contact support@andrmo.com with all details

  • I agree it would be great to bring these webview features back to version 3...

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