Round 2 What would you like to see in Andromo

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With the other thread being so cluttered and old, I thought it would be easier to start a new thread asking what others like to see in Andromo.

I stress please only list at most 3 of the most important things to you. You don't have to explain why they are important, just list what is.  I want this thread to be concise so there is no confusion what we as customers would like to see. Also when listing place the most important request first.

Mine are....

1) More ad networks : Leadbolt, Tapit, Applovin for instance
2) Better Dashboard
3) Clone existing projects


  • 1) Clone existing projects
    2) Sort and search function for existing projects
    3) Allow audio files to loop (e.g. for ringtones)
  • 1) Duplicate existing projects
    2) Add abbility to load Leadbolt / Airpush PUSH / icon ads with Publisher ID / ads ID s we got..
    3) Abbility to make streaming video intent from other URL not only youtube
    4) Abbility to make Live Wallpaper apps
  • @sylviathewitch: soundboard already supports looping; you can use the menu to change the repeat mode and make it repeat the current track.
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    1. Clone Existing Projects.  I build apps for 4 different markets.  Each have to be slightly different.  All 4 of those have to have a paid and free version.  That's 8 versions total for each app. I have 60 apps roughly that need multiple versions.  I'm half joking when I say this, but a monkey could fill in the the blanks with copy/paste, why can't andromo do it?  This should be a priority.

    2. Please remove the stinking "This app was just built! Go try it out. You can build again in 9 minutes...".  I'd really rather not stare at my screen for 9 minutes after every time I find a bug immediately after being built.  I want to edit and hit publish again instantly. 

    I can build apps fast, but Andromo is slowing me way way down in these two regards.  I pay for the service. Why do I have to wait 10 mins between building again?  When working on apps all weekend. I'd say I loose about 2 hours just waiting on andromo to let me build again after I've hit publish.  The enthusiasm and motivation just goes right out the window when it becomes a waiting game.  Instead of being fun to build, it's a huge chore.   Don't get me wrong. It does build the apps fast initially.  It's the second revision after i've looked at it on my phone and found a mistake that takes another 10 minutes just to hit the publish button again.  "This app was just built! Go try it out. You can build again in 9 minutes..."  Ugh... I see that message 20+ times a weekend. Just build it, I know I made a mistake.  I feel penalized even though I tried really hard to get it right the first time! :)  Without a preview of the app before being built, I have no idea what it will look like and can't catch mistakes very easily.

    With all that being said, Andromo IS great.  I've made money and that's the bottom line.  It just need to be a little quicker at those 2 things.

  • 1. Cloning projects would be great.

    2. Adding the option to set a background color on custom pages without having to type the html code for it. You have the option to change text color, and the background behind the text, why not also include setting the entire back ground. For those that know html it isn't needed, but it hurts my brain trying to think through that stuff when I don't know it. I have seen other app builders that have this function.

    3.Add a function to the phones menu button (for phones still using this). Instead of an info screen with a big powered by andromo ad, how about things like disabling gps in app, contact developer, or other options. Maybe give us control over what is in the app menu. I like giving people the option to contact me directly but would occasionally like to not have my dashboard cluttered with contact links for me.
  • I’d like to have a function that allows me jumping from one activity to another. e.g. from one Custom Page to a anchor in a different Custom Page. what you think of my suggestion?
  • All features similar to corona sdk platform
    should be available on andromo
  • WOW Roath - seriously? Corona is a LUA based framework. Personally I can't stand their business practices. Gideros Mobile is much better in every way in my opinion.

    Now back on subject, Andromo is not a 2d gaming engine and therefore Corona, Gideros, MOIA features doesn't apply here.

    You best hope would be to request an accelerated WebGL canvas for HTML graphics and then use a program like Construct 2 or Game Maker to export for HTML5 and include it in your Andromo app.

    I used a dozen mobile IDEs/SDKs and Andromo is about point and click for the everyday dev not someone who wants to learn LUA, C# or custom script ie Torque to make a mobile app.

    What I have seen here is that there is a clear need for duplicating existing APPS, other features have a few vites, but the clone feature has been mentioned by almost everyone.
  • 1. Cloning of apps so I can make a free one, copy and extend it to create a paid one.
    2. Apps page currently limited to 10 at a time. Increase that limit to 50+ to make it quicker to find an app which needs updating.
    3. Tell us what's coming, just before it arrives, not months before.
  • +1 for cloning. If not an entire app then an activity. How about being able to save, import and export activities?

    As well as displaying more apps per page how about a search and sort function?

    I would really like to be able to enable location in a web activity. Many sites utilise it and the end user has the option to allow it or not anyway.
  • 1. Ability to have subdirectories. This is terribly needed. I want to create an app with multiple call buttons for a company, but I would need subdirectories to separate each department.


    2. Ability to clone or duplicate apps.


    3. A video recording activity. Yes, please!!!!  

  • Andromo backend or CMS for update article/blog in application
  • Agree with sandorelo. I really want to install andromo into my site but it is almost impossible without the update. I hope this feature will be available very soon
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