Mopub bidding with facebook ads tutorial for pro users

Please reply on this topic we need a tutorial


  • Please we need a tutorial on this MoPub Bidding

  • Has anyone got approval from Mopub? I have been awaiting their approval for 11 days now- no response and no reply to support tickets regarding it. Pathetic

  • @ drsharonbaisilmd Am waiting for mopub approval too. Have you waited for 10 business working days? Or you just waited 11 normal days of the week?

  • I have waited 10 business days now. Sent two mails to the support team too. No response

  • I am also waiting for 11 business days. I sent an email but no reply. One week left until September 30th.

  • @MindMusicStudio @DrSharonBaisilMD Did guys submit a valid domain link with app ads.txt in your developer website.

  • @MindMusicStudio I got approval by today morning- on the 14 the working day. However, the dashboard still not detecting its SDK integration with andromo and now I am such at that phase.

    So I feel like its a waste of time now for making Mopub-FAN integration

  • edited September 2021

    @Defran I submitted ads.txt.

  • @Defran Approval denied in 14 business days.

    I need another way.

  • @MindMusicStudio what was their reason for denial. Rectify the mistake and contact mopub policy centre. Or try opening a new account with a different email address.

  • Please upload a tutorial for FAN with mopub.

  • I don't know why andromo is not fixing the facebook bidding with admob

    This is the reply I got from admob after contacting them.

    "Thanks for reaching out! We checked the problem with our technical specialists and can confirm that all bids were filtered due to missing a required SDK. The requests don't contain SDK Info (e.g. SDK/Adapter Version, buyer generated user data). It is usually related to implementation problems. Please look through this resource to ensure that you’ve integrated bidding mediation into your app. Also note that some ad sources may have additional SDK requirements."

  • Please, how do I submit a valid domain link with app ads.txt in my developer website?

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