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    @RomanJuly Can i get toturial link?

  • RSD

    Yes, will be announced today in separate thread

  • @RomanJuly Please update the wallpaper crop functionality. This issue has been complained to support over 4 months ago but there was no improvement.

  • @RomanJuly

    hi andromo. my apps mostly use but is not present in v3, whereas in v2 there is no latest sdk update. please add in v3 and add tapdaq also in v3.

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    When available more ads network like in v3 sir ?

  • Please consider this.Seriosly we need in v3

  • Seriously missed adnetwork.but They have no flutter supported SDK.I think that's why andromo can't added that network to the V3 builder.However, Admob ,facebook and mopub is not enough for the monetization.They have lot of issues.admob has not supported some languages. Most of my apps can't monetize with AdMob because of that issue. and facebook bidding is still not working for me. and sometimes Facebook does not approve apps. Mopub monetization still Can't understand. the dashboard still say integrate SDK but I have already uploaded update to the play store.No ads showing. Please @RomanJuly can you added some extra ad networks for v3 builder?(Ex- Apploving,Adcolony ,Thank You.

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    You have been answered at the support.

    Newnormalapps, Ranggolawi, ahmadsofian, AndroidKing

    We won't add any other networks as most of them do not support flutter.

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    @RomanJuly if you are not adding any other networks then fix the bidding issue for facebook and admob bidding. mine was fixed before but again the same issue reappeared from 21st October

  • Hello people or at least to those who still are here :D

    Since today is big day for many senior dev's here ( Google Play's target API level requirement on November 1) and many didn't make new template(s) or having hard times to catch up all ... I'll talk about my experience , what needs to be improved as soon as possible , classic template (v2 builder) for wallpapers app, tips and my correct tests with new apps on v3 .

    I already sent on support about my concerns/opinions but I think we need bigger discuss over here and to include all dev's who still struggle to make transition from v2 to v3 builder .

    To get started ...

    Classic template - wallpaper app ( Layout/Style : List with icon/image -large square image- with Title & subtitle ) v2 builder

    At this point you can make a close look of this classic template but links ( buttons in section components) are limited here with options how icons/images look , so to elaborate :

    In this section Components " BUTTONS " thing which is missing right now is " DASHBOARD APPEARANCE " in Style , its essential , it needs more options there, like you have in MEDIA + EXTENSIONS .

    In v1.png image you see the correct options in BUTTONS for " DASHBOARD APPEARANCE " in Style ,

    you have only simple " USE CUSTOM SIZE " but I need there options , as "LOOK" where I can choose "as list item with image"

    This is missing here and needs to be implemented, this will diversify buttons option and allow us easy to blend into classic template.

    Also you can add there , "APP BAR APPEARANCE", "NAVIGATION APPEARANCE " ," COMPONENT APPEARANCE " , if you can on correct situation,

    v1.png :

    in v2.png image you can see correct options in MEDIA + EXTENSIONS for " DASHBOARD APPEARANCE " in Style ,

    they have all option "LOOK" where I can choose "as list item with image" ,which I need the most right now .

    I believe you can easily add this option in " DASHBOARD APPEARANCE " since you already have other components .


    A global issue / something be fixed or added in " DASHBOARD APPEARANCE " > LOOK option > "as list item with image" for example :

    All icons /images there are cropped automatically (in orb shape ) which good but if I want more classic look ( like we have in v2 builder ) we need there a choice to have icons/images not to be cropped or cropped , as in older builder v2.

    At this moment in builder v3 look : cropped ico/img

    In builder v2 option was called Square Images (Grid Layout Images) and choices are :

    *Custom (which I used the most)



    *feature cropped

    I don't think we need all choices , enough will be cropped or not (for example if I have square shape icon /image ) :D

    You have to understand us , our user base use to it on classic template and that's why we need this improvements , people don't like changes .

    Fan fact about this : This classic template was the most used by andromo dev's and the most favorable in terms of revenue , so we need this soon as possible :D

    My last observation was with background images and its missing more in choice of effects, for example in builder v2 we had to choose lighter or darker image of background .

    Here is example of this option in builder v2

    This not something which urgent but its okay to have, I'm using it correctly on v2 builder .


    Since few members experienced some of issue with ads or revenue drop , I did few test and I must say got puzzled .Something weird is happening there for sure, could be a glitch with scrolling or auto-hidden bottom ad .... this needs to be more explored .

    Also one improvement/ suggestion can done even here and its about "global ads " , if I don't want go by dashboards , sections , lists, ect to active ads , you could add simple "global ads " to active on all pages ads on the bottom after I put my codes in section " MONETIZE "


    I hope that I gave enough details and suggestions to implement in builder v3 , since we're in deadline already and we're into hurry :D

    If I find more bugs/ issues / things to improve with builder v3 , I'll write you here .

    About template / Classic look v2

    Correctly , I made three classic look templates for people who don't want be bother or having a stress to recreate his template , waiting that reseller option to be activated :D


  • mww_apps

    Thank you. We will take your suggestions into consideration

  • These are the some other adnetworks support Flutter SDK. @RomanJuly Please Consider this.Thank you.

    1.Unity Ads

    Flutter package:

    Supported Platforms: Android, iOS

    Ad Types: Banner, Rewarded video


    Flutter package:

    Supported Platforms: Android, iOS

    Ad Types: Banner, Interstitial, Rewarded interstitial


    Flutter package:

    Supported Platforms: Android

    Ad Types: Banner, Interstitial, Rewarded video


    Flutter package:

    Supported Platforms: Android

    Ad Types: Interstitial, Rewarded video, Offerwall


    Flutter package:

    Supported Platforms: Android, iOS

    Ad Types: Interstitial, Rewarded video


    Flutter package:

    Supported Platforms: Android

    Ad Types: Banner, Interstitial, Rewarded interstitial

  • Unity ads is good for choce because support banner and inters ads also have good CPM

  • yes, unity ads's cpm is good as compared to others @.

  • please provide unity ads sir @RomanJuly

  • @RomanJuly Hello. Could you implement Admob Adaptive Banner, please? It will help to increase developer's revenue. Currenty, the banner on the app is quite small (it is fix size). Below link is comparison from admob docs. Please into consideration.

  • We need ALOT more content extensions. A Form Builder, PDF Sign elements...

    For Example - If a delivery should be able to be signed ... I would love to have an app like that for a delivery service.

    Another Thing are financial Apps - charts and abilities to add stocks or cryptos.

    And I miss little Things like the possibility to build a simple ToDo app - A ToDo app that has the function to bind a toDo to an account and the possibility to share the items between Accounts or Groups.

    I miss here alot :( It looks simple but the functions are simple, yet too

  • @user_#1490363 You're going to need to learn to build your own apps for things like that.

  • Please consider this.Seriosly we need in v3

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    Please consider  photo feed in v3 .

  • To date, the feature of displaying the song title in the online audio player has not been fixed. (Components / Media / radioplayer) The broadcast server provides all the data needed to display the name in all .mp3 / .pls / .m3u files, but this andromo radio player does not have this function from the beginning! Gplay users are writing messages, why not see the name of what is playing right now ????? It is the year 2022 and this primitive function is not functional, while it was functional in the V2 version without a problem. Who's checking, please? who tests the application? at least a basic test? Money paid, but the app only plays, nothing more! The same situation as watching a movie and not knowing its name. Shame! You promise a million features, but you destroyed so basic, primitive function from V2. Incredible.

  • ......
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    I am adding this comment in support of @RadioLifeTRANCEFM. All the basic features that are in Andromo V2 are missing in V3.

    1. The Andromo V3 radio player only shows the name of the radio station. It does not display the song title and name of artist of currently playing track of a radio station. This feature should be added to the radio player.
    2. Andromo V3 does not have M3U Audio Player. This feature is what made V2 super amazing. Currently, we have over 10,000 mp3 files hosted on our server, and we have generated m3u files that contain the links to these 10,000 mp3 links. Unfortunately, we can not use the m3u files because Andromo V3 does not have M3U Audio Player. You cannot expect us to manually input 10,000 links into the Online Audiio Player; that will take 2 years to accomplish. So please give us an M3U Audio Player.

  • ... RadioLifeTRANCEFM

    Regarding track name in the online audio player - we will consider adding this feature.

    As for the M3U - it is supported at Radio player activity.


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    You seem not to understand what we are talking about here. Don't confuse it!!!


    Currently, there are different types/ ways you can input radio links into the radio player. I have tested all of them and only 3 of them are working. So I will only comment on the 3 that are working below:

    1. Links List : Using this option does not allow you to specify the name of the radio station.
    2. M3U Link: Using this option allows you to specify the name of the radio station in the m3u file.
    3. PLS Link: Using this option also allows you to specify the name of the radio station in the pls file.

    In general, when using any of the methods listed above, Andromo V3 Radio Player does not display information about the song that is currently playing (e.g song title and artist name). Andromo V2 Radio Player displays song information, while Andromo V3 Radio Player does not.

    Currently, the only thing we can do is use M3U or PLS file to display the name of the radio station. What we want is for the V3 Radio Player to also display information about what is being broadcasted (song title and name of artist).



    In your response above, you said "As for the M3U - it is supported at Radio player activity".

    You cannot expect us to use this M3U radio player for our audio files, because the radio player does not have the progress bar, time elapsed, repeat button, and speed control button. So how can you use this for playing audio files?

    We need a new audio player (M3U Audio Player) that supports M3U file, and has progress bar, time elapsed, repeat button, and speed control button. If you are not going to create a new audio player (M3U Audio Player) as we have requested, then you should make the Online Audio Player to support M3U file. Simple!

    Here are the reasons why:


    1. By using m3u file, you can plug in (or load) over 10,000 mp3 files into Audio Player in less than 5 days.

    2. You can remotely edit (add or remove) the audio links from the m3u file without rebuilding your Andromo app.

    3. It allows for easy categorisation and grouping of audio files into album playlists.

    4. It is less clumsy to use compared to the Online Audio Player.

    5. The M3U file can contain all the information for hundreds of tracks in one file. You don't need to enter song title, artist name, and audio links individually into Andromo.

    5. It takes less than 2 seconds to create an M3U file using third party's free softwares (e.g Mp3tag).


    1. It requires manual entry of individual audio links to create a playlist. This is very time consuming. It is impossible to manually enter 10,000 audio links into the player. This will take over 2 years to complete.

    2. You cannot edit the links remotely. Any time a change is made in the link, you will have to rebuild your Andromo app again.

    3. You have to manually enter each song title, artist name, and links to all audio files.

    The Audio Player in Andromo V2 supports M3U file, and many of our V2 projects are based on the M3U file. Now in Andromo V3, we are stuck and unable to update our projects because the V3 Online Audio Player does not support M3U file. How do you expect us to make progress?


    Some developers have huge audio content which they are able to manage using the M3U file. For example in our own case, we currently have over 10,000 mp3 files of different music artists hosted on our server. These audio files have been grouped into different album folders (923 folders).

    Each album folder has a unique M3U file with which you can play all the audio in that particular folder.

    All we need is to be able to plug each m3u file into Andromo V3 Audio Player, to create album playlists for each artist.

    So please kindly make the Online Audio Player to support the M3U file OR create a new M3U Audio Player.

    Thank you.

  • I totally agree with @... . We need M3U Audio Player! Please!!! @RomanJuly

  • I have several different audio streams that work in V2 as SHOUTcast Playlist or SHOUTcast Stream. None of them work in V3. I've had a support case opened about it now for many months.

  • trevorh

    As I said before, all tickets with you are closed. Can you remind the ticket number please?

  • I don't have a ticket number. On January 11, you forwarded a response from support that was sent on August 20, which I had already answered. I answered again. I never got a response.

    I'm looking at the e-mail, and I don't see a ticket number on it.

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    Can you PLEASE do something about the Podcast Player it looks so ugly compared V2. No matter how I style the look still ugly and unprofessional.

    How do I change or get rid off the yellow icon in the Podcast?

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