there was an error while trying to display pictures

How can I solve this problem IN YOUTUBE

I put id and api



  • Did you get any response on this problem? I got the saame problem. In my playlist there are some videos set as private. Could it be the problem?

  • Yes, it is the problem. If in your Youtube playlist you have a video that is in private status, you'll get the error message. In V2 this is not the case. It just displays a blank picture. V3 needs to do the same.

  • Youtube Playlist Feature is not working in v3 of Andromo

    Keeps saying "ERROR There was an error while trying to display images - Try again" . Does not matter how I set Content settings>Style Type to either Grid, List,Card or List title, still gives error message.

    The username, channel ID, search and single video work fine, but the PLAYLIST ID does not work.

  • Is this still an issue ??

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