Same background image in more than one activities

Hey there.

Is there a way in v3 to upload a background image and then use it for many activities (for example radio) without uploading the same image tens of times?

It had been available in v2 through global style options.


  • Are you sure ?? Can u post image here where u had issue ? I think u miss out global settings , had similar problem :D

  • I am not sure that's why I am asking if there is such thing as background image in global style in v3. I cannot post an image if I don't know where the option is... I only know of it in v2.

  • I got an answer from support that it isn't possible... annoying.

  • At this moment there aren't any > Global options < for background and ads, I already sent them request list for builder v3 update , to include those options .

    Extra help for you :

    There is solution for background , on media components ( radio activities )

    As you see , on right side , when you open menu : dashboard or component appearance , in the bottom of menu you can add/change background :)

    so , there is option , not global but for component at least .

  • Thank you, but I know this already. If you add the same background image in let's say 20 activities, the same image gets uploaded and included in the app 20 times.

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