AppTrackingTransparency framework

I got the message in the app review on IOS, Does anybody know what to do?? Thanks

" Your app uses the AppTrackingTransparency framework, but we are unable to locate the App Tracking Transparency permission request when reviewed on iOS 15.1.

Next Steps

Please explain where we can find the App Tracking Transparency permission request in your app. The request should appear before any data is collected that could be used to track the user.

If you've implemented App Tracking Transparency but the permission request is not appearing on devices running the latest OS, please review the available documentation and confirm App Tracking Transparency has been correctly implemented."


  • Nobody has this problem on IOS????

  • Yeah, it's a problem of the framework about not showing the request for this in IOS 15.........almost a month with this problem....

  • Hi

    It seems that your issue was solved at the support. Feel free to contact anytime and we will be happy to assist you.


  • You haven't solved this problem.

    Is the AppTrackingTransparency framework planning to not support it?

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    I have the same problem publishing my App in the App Store because I get a warning message:

    "Your app contains “NSUserTrackingUsageDescription,” which indicates that it needs to request permission to track users. You must indicate what types of data they track users. If not, update your app binary and upload a new build to App Store Connect."

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