What appmaker V3 still lacking compared to V2

In doing conversion to V3, I encountered these issues, that prevents me to proceed further, unless I throw away the components that do not work. And I can not do without them! The way it is done in V3 is inferior to V2, which should not be the case if V3 is said to be more advanced overall, not just its new capabilities, but at least retain what is already good in V2. Andromo developers, please consider this is your to-do list!

  1. Flickr Component: in V2 it is perfect. Content is managed through RSS control. Titles and Desciptions of Photos appear nicely in List, Card or Grid format. In V3, flickr component, GONE! Help desk suggested use of RSS component as replacement. Tried RSS to flickr. It worked but it gave raw unformatted dump of flickr page complete with its flickr ad! And the sequence is out of order. You can not create a story out of the photos in the gallery like in V2. Meanwhile the photo gallery component of V3 as alternative is no good, it is just a pasting board of photos, with title and description blocking the view. Why can't you guys just duplicate the V2 code for flickr component in flutter?
  2. YouTube Component: my YouTube content feed is using playlist ID such that whatever is in the selected YouTube playlist will show up in my app section. I noticed that whenever one of the playlist item is in YouTube private mode then my app page will get an error message. This was not the case in V2. The playlist can contain private and public YouTube videos. And this is normal because sometimes the owner of the videos will do some maintenance and put the video in private mode before make it public again. In V2 private items will just show as private, while in V3 it will cause an error message and will not show the rest of the playlist content! This is a simple coding fix in my opinion, so why wait? I have reported the problem but no fix till now! Thank you. I hope this lengthy grievance will be heard and get them fixed asap!


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