Bug in recent builder

I am unable to build any of my apps as it says as validation error. Note, It was working good in legacy and all this problem started in new builder. I need to update my apps to play store by today iteself and because of this problem, its a major problem for me which may lead to unsubcribe.

Your validation error not even pointing which one is the exact error. Even with no changes, it simply says as validation error. I sent you an email and also raised a ticket but no response.  Please fix it immediately.  Below is the original info sent in ticket

""Hi Team,

I didnt get the ticket ID while submitting the below issue so I am sending manually through email. Please help ASAP.

I am unable to none of my apps and it keep on telling, Validation error and I am not allowed to build any app.  We are nearing to new year and it is very urgent I need to push the updates within tomorrow.

For eg: In following app [com.andromo.dev235401.app369533] - I already have a build for monthly horoscope calendar in hindi language [andromo://custompage631169].  I have removed previous calendar and updated the new horoscope calendar in hindi and english language and tried to build the app and it keep on saying as validation error. Intially it was saying server error and now it says as validation error in build tab.

Note : I tried to skip the build for this activity but still I am getting the same error

Note : I am getting this error  message for all the other apps also. Tamil, Telugu, Kannda, malayalam and Gujarathi. - Indian language apps for horoscope.

I need VERY URGENT help.""

MyDen Team


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