New Layout Delayed To Keep Us Subscribed

I hope Andromo dosen't wait till everyones upgraded subscriptions exprire to release the new Andromo layouts.  That is correct right Andromo?  Your not delaying the release to keep us subscribed are you?


  • In all honesty I believe this delaying tactic has caused a lot of people to quietly leave Andromo.  I know I have left Andromo and do not plan on renewing in June when my subscription expires unless some major benefits are added to this program.  I understand that Andromo keeps saying, "Oh a lot has been accomplished since you joined." But to me that is pure BS.  I have not seen one useful tool added since I paid for my subscription.  Why because I only really need the better looking UI for my customers.

    And please do not give me the rhetoric, "Oh this has been added, that, etc."  Every customer is unique and different and I only jumped on the Subscription Bandwagon because I posed this question prior to purchase, "Are better dashboards going to be added?"

    I can no longer locate my post or reply but I did find this, "June 2012 Great suggestion. Giving you more control over the dashboard is on our priority list." and this " June 2012 We've specced out an overhaul of the dashboard settings, including multiple layout styles and more control over the graphics in general".

    Now I realize that I did not pay an astronomical amount of money for this app and as such have not really complained.  BUt let's do a litle silent math here [input pricing and est subscribers] ....

    So I agreaa when are these dashboards going to appear?  Personally I am starting to agree with after everyone's subscription runs out.

    Just my two cents!



  • Hey Guys,

    We are working on the dashboards as we speak (actually I had to stop fixing a bug in order to type this) and we will release them as soon as they are finished. I can guarantee you people's subscription dates have not factored into the date/time frame of this release in anyway. Shady tactics like that are the wrong way to run a business and spell failure in the long run, that's not what we do and it never will be.

    As we have said multiple times on this forum and in comments on the blogs, the dashboards will appear when they are complete and bug free. They are a major change to the way everyone's app will function and we want to get this 100% right.


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    Haha perfect.  Anytime my wife or I have a bad hair day, this guy gets mentioned.  I wonder how tall his hair will be in 5 years...  Now I want to photoshop him with white hair to see how crazy it'll look in the future.

    Anyway, I have to admit that I wondered if the subs had anything to do with the dashboard's release...for just about a minute.  I'm confident the Andromo team is working their buts off.  This is their baby just like our apps are ours.  I work on my apps during my regular day job, while i'm supposed to be watching tv in bed with my wife, driving down the road (scary i know lol) etc.  Pretty much any extra time I have is spent polishing or making new apps. (80+ and counting) The return on my time invested is amazing and it's getting better by the day.  So I'm sure the guys at Andromo aren't punching the time clock at 5pm then turning off the creativity after hours either.  It's probably more like a 24hr/day job.

    Keep up the good work and thank you for keeping us in the loop.
  • For $895 professional subscription? I will now start using my android sdk...I agree with you Steve am not renewing either
  • oh stop bitchen
  • lol Myth Busted.
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