Is Andromo no longer able to use interial ads on apps in the Playstore

I want to ask why every time I upload an application to PlayStore, I always get a violation with annoying ads


  • I received same message (disruptive ads) on two apps that had nothing special compared to the previous apps I had made.

    I have informed them through support. I suggest you do the same.

    I suspect one of the practices followed by andromo for years is no longer allowed.

  • The "require several interactions" feature no longer seems to work for interstitials. All my interstitials load on app-open instead of after an interaction.

  • Tengo el mismo problema :( ya tengo tres actualizaciones rechazadas por anuncios invasivos :( Que puedo hacer?

  • Don't bother making a support ticket. I've been trying to get Andromo to fix a simple problem for 14 months now.

  • We all have this error. I hope the andromo team fixes the problem as soon as possible. It's in your interest too!

  • I have 6 apps with this problem! With every actualization the same problem!

  • It's so pathetic how the Andromo team doesn't even bother fixing bugs that are preventing us all from updating our apps. And they expect us to keep paying for this service?

  • He enviado un correo al suporte de Andromo y me contestaron que están trabajando pero no se cuando estará todo arreglado.

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    Did any of you get any response at your support ticket?

    No reply for me, yet.

  • Three days ago I got the answer that they are working seriously and it will soon be solved but today I have tried to build my app again and I have tried to update it but ANOTHER time it is rejected by disruptive ads. I'm worried because until January 23 I have to update a lot of apps!

  • This should be a five minute fix and their number one priority right now, but of course it will take months to be fixed, if ever. Probably time to to start looking for another platform to make our apps.

  • Hola. Yo tuve el mismo problema, pero ya logré resolverlo. Es sencillo, pero espero que pronto Andromo cambie su código ya que es resultado de un error de programación de ellos.

    La solución es la siguiente. Desactiven el "back button" en cada una de las actividades de su aplicación. (Style->App Bar appereance->show nothing).

    El problema consiste en que al presionar el "back button" se dispara un intersticial, y de acuerdo a un experto de Google, eso genera un anuncio disruptivo ya que se espera que este botón lleve a una actividad de la app, y no a un anuncio de forma inesperada.

    Así logré solucionar la actualización de mis apps, y espero que también les sirva para ustedes.

  • Yo he probado con una app y sigo teniendo el mismo problema! Me han rechazado la actualización por anuncios invasivos. Estoy harta de andromo!!!

  • ya esta arreglado!

    Hay que constriur de nuevo,marcar si no esta marcado several acctions intersticials y subir en play store!

    Esto lo que han contestado y ya he conseguido actualizar dos apps rechazadas.

    "Hello dear user!

    It seems that Disruptive ads issue has been fixed. Set up ''Require several interactions'' in your projects interstitial ads settings, rebuild and resubmit your apps to the play store.


    Andromo Team"

  • It would sure help if you people just typed English in an English forum...

    I also received same reply to my support ticket, and tried submitting again. Waiting for the results.

    If someone sees an app go through the process, or fail still with same error, kindly write here so we know.

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    My apps are still getting rejected for disruptive ads even though I have "require several interactions" checked. How is this even possible?

  • Plenty of apps of mine went through with no problems and really fast... accepted the same day I submitted them.

  • I haven't had problems with updates getting through, and interstitials are working fine. But the revenue has really gone down the last couple weeks.

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