Are you happy with Andromo Ultra package and paid impressions?


I'm wondering if anyone has upgraded to the ultra package, is paying for impressions on Andromo, and still has no regrets?

I would love to hear your experience with the ultra package

Thank you in advance.


  • I have ultra and I still do not understand how the paid impressions work xD

    I have around 15 apps published and my impressions budget is still full, so I don't get it

  • I also have no idea hoe the paid impressions work, would really like someone from Andromo to give a detailed explanation.

  • prefer pro plan 100%

    ultra bad 0%

  • Did pro plan get canceled? because i am canceling my subscription if that's the case. I don't need ultra.

  • oh yeah they removed the pro plan. I think i will not upgrade to the ultra plan too, as it does not make sense to me and is too expensive with the impression commission and all.

  • Good luck trying to cancel your plan. It is not possible. they keep charging you monthly

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