I've Sold my Andromo App for $70.000

Hi, this is for you who wants to selling your app in Flippa

Yes, I've sold my Andromo app for $70.000.. you can check here https://flippa.com/10535346

I know your think, why i'm selling my app if they have huge earnings?

Yes, I'm selling it because I need fast money

Don't think you can only sell an app builded with Android Studio, Unity, etc. you can sell your Andromo app in Flippa. like just I did before

I'm using Andromo since 2015.

and currently I'm still selling my other app in Flippa


hope these will sold too

Thanks for Andromo team

Best Regards.


  • @AndroidDeveloper what about showcasing some of your apps? I would love to see how you build your apps :)

  • How did you sell it and it's on Andromo platform? I am very interested in this because I want to sell some of my Apps. can you contact me and let me know what to do? my email is mobileappmogul@gmail.com

  • This company is a scam. There is no option to unsubscribe from the monthly plan!

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