Remove icons on main page(Menu)

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Is there a way to just have text on the main page. I just think it looks better if there was no icons. And in stead of a grid can I have the icons under each others on the left side. And when it is pushed a frame comes up around the text, almost like a button. 


  • Yes, several of us have asked for some new templates. Those would be great choices.
  • This is sort of like a request I started a while ago, I agree this option would be nice as well.
  • There are already working on new layouts for Andromo. Just wait a little bit more. As far as I know, there are working on it right now.
  • Hurrah! I know they're working on so many things. It's great to be a part of it all!
  • any news on this?
    My apps seem to look very similar to each other
  • Gary you should view the thread titled "Seriously Andromo, What's Up?"

    Mark answers your question, well kind of no time line is given, we were bless with a sneak peak back in Oct 2012, here I'll link it for you...

  • I wonder what Andromo is really working on right now.  Hopefully not another side project that isn't free.
  • We're hard at work on the new dashboard changes, mostly waiting on the web side at this point. The programming is done for the main five layout types, and a sixth is about 80% done (although we don't intend for that one to hold back the release; if it isn't ready in time we'll just add it later).

    Right this very moment Darryl and I are making sweeping changes to the action bar. This was necessary to solve some issues with the old action bar on newer devices. So we're switching that out, but it hasn't been a trivial task. The new action bar also adds some advanced theming capabilities which were not possible before, which I think some of you will be able to do some really cool things with.

    Expect more news as we recover from our holidays...

  • Thanks for keeping us updated. 
  • So I assume using the pre canned icons in the app does not violate a copyright yes?

    Are the icons public domain?  Are they licensed in perpetuity as part of the subscription fee?
  • lol i just signed back up to andromo for a month just to push out apps then cancel lol. new look is cool and all but you guys need to get creative.  ...... andromo guys are slow we know that
  • Just an update on this, we have release v3.0.0 of Andromo and you can now remove icons from you dashboard:

    Have fun.

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