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I have a database of forum posts, and I would like to show those posts to users of my app.  I want them to be able to click on the post and see the contents. How can this be done?  I thought about linking it to a database and having the post title clickable, and then the body of the post would be from another field in the database.  I just don't know if this is possible yet.



  • The best way to implement this would be to provide that database content as RSS feeds -- e.g. one feed for each sub forum. Then you could use the RSS activity to present the posts as a list, with a condensed version of the post showing in the list, and the full version readable by clicking on the item.

    Depending on the forum software you're using, your forum may have a way to autogenerate such RSS feeds.
  • duh. you just need to click the website activity and link the website......
  • Exactly. I would guess that most popular forums have a mobile version and you won't have to touch a thing. 
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