Linking to other activities

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OK I won't pretend to know how Andromo is setup, but I done enough Android coding to know you can intercept web view events.

So could you guys make an intent that uses a special markup in custom pages and html archives to link to activities.

Ok for example lets call other activities by their activity code and in an html editor maybe you use andromo://100

100 could be any activity number, but basically that would be in place of http:// so its still clickable in a browser, can be image links and so on.


  • Yep, this is already planned. :) (It's the same approach we used for launching activities via airbop.)
  • is there any way currently to link to activities with long code at the moment?   
  • I'm not sure what you mean by "long code", but the feature described above currently isn't available. The only navigation available is via the dashboard or action bar.

    However as Lorne mentioned, we do have plans to implement that feature.
  • This feature has been added to version 3.0.4 you've got yourself and andromo protocol to use.
  • Would it ever be possible to link from the map pushpins, or is this down to google map limitations?
  • That is something that we thought about when implementing the feature and it may be a possibility in the future, however it hasn't been looked into yet. It is something we will consider though.
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