How Can I view The Source COde for an app I create?

Hi - I understand the concept of Andromo is to allow users to create apps without needing to write code and ultimately be able to submit your app for a build and packaging but is the code for an app you create, available for viewing. I'm interested in seeing goes on behind the scenes in the app. thanks


  • Hi,

    The source code to the app is not available to you to after creating your Andromo Android app, only the resulting APK.

  • Can I sell the rights to the apps I create?
    Sounds like a simple answer to me - but the source code would seem to be a part of the app....and that I do not have.
  • Hi Bill,

    Sure, you can transfer the rights you have - but you don't have the right to the source code.

  • How put my apps to mu android phone? I do not know how? Please help me!
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