interstitial ads are fantastic in my opinion, both for the users and app publishers. It is a VERY cool move from Andromo to offer us an interstitial ad service and there are many good ones out there - one of the better ones seems to be RevMob (

In this post ( Trey Smith shows his earnings per 1000 impressions (from $11 to $32). In the comments he says the eCPM went down a bit since publishing this post, but anyway, earning even $3-$5 per 1000 impressions would be awesome (with Tapgage I'm currently sitting on $1,30 with 1.180 impressions - with 10.000 impressions that's $30-$50 vs $13).

I'm sure that Tapgage is going to up their game eventually, but it would be nice to have more choices than one. So if it is possible, can you please look into it and see, if RevMob would like to partner with Andromo?

Thanks and best regards!


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    Oh, by the way, it is now perfectly clear to me, how an acquaintance of mine is earning more or less $300/day with mostly the same kind of apps, that can be made with Andromo! He programs his own apps, but 8 out of 10 apps are "simple", Andromo like apps. Funny thing is, one of my Andromo apps is even more graphically polished than his custom app. :)

    It seems it's extremely important what kind of ad services you choose and where you put yours ads (he is little aggressive with having banners on top and bottom of his screens and interstitial ad between activities and on exits - but the users don't seem to mind).
  • I already registered and it looks interesting, you have some example app of your friend to see revmob in action.

    Greetings from mexico!
  • @mastermx Hello! Without his approval I can't link to his apps. :( However, they are just standard interstitial ads, like from Tapgage.
  • @hendrixs don't believe in whatever you read. I once was an Affiliate Marketer as well and the goal of Affiliate Marketer is cashing in through referral leads which Trey Smith is doing. There is much more to eCPM as well. If your bringing 100% of your traffic from the USA then you can expect a pretty solid eCPM but if your bringing in traffic from tier 2 or tier 3 countries I don't think you can expect such eCPM.

    Also you may want to read this blog post I wrote on eCPM and calculation 

  • @arfan_tapgage Thanks for the explanation. I've further researched RevMob and eCPM does vary quite a bit from user to user.

    I've mentioned Tapgage to the guy I previously talked about, and he said he will give it a go in one of his apps, just to see if he would like to switch to Tapgage.

    I'll send you a private e-mail when he get's any results.

    Best regards!
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