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im trying to make a youtube activity in which it will bring up videos for a particular keywords search...for instance if i want a collection of videos pertaining to lets  say " audi r8" for example...i tried the youtube feed builder but am not having much luck..if anyone can shine some light on this matter it would be appriated


  • It seems that Andromo will only allow us to display YouTube videos by YouTube User or as a Feed. So a search query unfortunately seems out of the question. My suggestion would be to create a playlist on your YouTube account call it Audi R8 and add a bunch of Audi R8 YouTube videos to it. Then add that playlist (feed) to your app. Voila, you have Audi R8 videos on your app! It does suck doing it this way, but I believe that this is the only way to do it with Andromo as of now.
  • thanks for the input shaney...i thought of this also, i know what you mean but just not so ideal considering i would have to constantly search for and add videos in order to keep in some form of up to date videos...may just opt in to a youtube user on the subject of matter..
  • It is possible to generate a search query using the YouTube feed tool . Basically you'd enter a search query such as "audi+r8" in the "Search query" field under "Request Parameters."

    The returned value from the example above would be:


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