Big Announcement: Starting a forum you guys invited to post 1st your apps

Ok I am starting a forum which once I get it set up I will be releasing press releases to build up fan base plus I have 2 twitter and facebook accounts. Now if you need exposure for your apps or games Iam letting you guys know about this forum now so when I officially launch you guys would be the 1st products consumers will see. I will launch it starting in 2 days with media campain, so hurry up and post your games or apps.


  • I just joined your forum as Regieg Softworks. I look forward to using your forum to promote my apps and to discuss app making in general.
  • Great !! I just made it 2 days ago and its growing fast!! I hope to be a major force in android marketing.

  • just joined your forum as Regieg Softworks. I look forward to using
    your forum to promote my apps and to discuss app making in general. -
    See more at:

    Ok I downloaded your app and rated it 5 stars for being active at the forum. My name in review is krenisis krenisis.
  • Thanks dude. I just returned the favor by downloading your Super Gloss Wallpapers app and giving you 5 stars. My name in review is Shane Geiger.
  • THanks!! I was hoping more developers would join in to get free exposure.
  • Ya, I'm not sure why more developers here on Andromo aren't joining your forum. It's free exposure for their apps! Plus the fact that any external links to your app on Google Play help it's ranking in Google Play. It's a win-win to me.
  • Developers if your wondering why your games or apps are not getting downloads its because you have to market them. Marketing them means posting them in a forum where customers can view them. In googleplay unless you get lucky, your apps cannot be seen by customers. I use twitter to bring people in to view our apps. If you check out my apps or shaney_g apps both of us have apps that have been download in the 500 download mark, some apps even more. Both of us market our apps and so should you!!
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    I have an app with over 18,000 downloads, and I don't market it in forums. :)

    In fact, I do very little marketing, because the app stores do it for me. But Twitter seems to work the best, and I think was what helped most to get it going in the beginning.

    I think the Andromo Showcase is intended to do what you're trying to do with your forum. But I guess it can't hurt to have your app posted in as many places as possible.
  • Alot of people don't market and just go by luck of the draw. My message is for developers who don't want to chance it and grab the bull by the horns. Google Play is flooded with apps so its hard to get seen even if you have a great app. Me and My Partner don't want to depend on luck, all of our apps have at least 1,000 downloads plus my apps aren't even on googleplay!
         The andromo showcase is good but its not in the format of an appstore or forum. The most you recieve is other developers downloading your apps. We are here to help, check out our developers section too. Many useful tips on promoting your game or app.
  • Hi guy's its been 5 days since the opening and we have gotten some decent traffic for the short time we have been operating it. Come check it out and see how large the webste has grown.
  • Update the forum has tripled in size from the last time you guys visited it. Jump on it while you can before it gets flooded!!
  • I posted about my app on there, if anyone wants to download it and install, its called Gaming News Free.
  • Great App!! I wish you much success on the marketplace!!
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