Accidental "Build App"

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I accidentally selected "build" instead of "edit", my app.

I've already received an email from Andromo saying how my app is ready.

Is there any way for me to complete editing my app, and to then build it, without having to subscribe?

(According to my understanding, Andromo gives one free app build, and from then on you have to subscribe in order to build more.)



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    Don't worry, you can build your app as many times as you wish
    until you're happy with the result. Without a subscription, we just
    limit you to one 'project', but that project can be built as many
    times as you want. That allows you to test it out and make any
    changes you need before distributing it.

    Hope that helps.


  • Well, I would say just buy the subscription. If you know what you're doing you can easily earn more money then you have to pay.
  • I may well subscribe, but since it's my first app, I want to be confident in my formula that I'll still make a net-profit whilst subscribing.
  • Good luck! If you need any help, we are all here to help you.

    ps, from my own experience: don't give up if you're not making hundreds of dollars in the first month. It will come if you have a good app. Also try more ideas. Maby one of them is your key to succes!
  • I didn't know first one was free?
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