how can you use a custom page activity?

help me with this so that i can use it in a way to make my app look better


  • What exactly are you trying to do? A little more info and I'm sure myself or someone else would be happy to help you out.
  • well the problem is solved
  • I found that if I did a custom page ...which I thought was html4 ...and add an amazon advert to it....then it crashes Kindles on sight! Took me a bit to figure that.
  • I wouldn't mind more info on creating custom actions. I'd like to be able to implement QR code scanning and have my app parse the scan data so it can present a web page based on the code that was scanned.
  • Check out my App.
    I have done away with the dashboard and use an external webpage.
    (I couldn't use the Custom HTML because i needed to include PHP files, but
    I like the new look of my App - And I can update the (dashboard replacement) new homescreen just by editing the web page - no need to create another App each time.
    All the links are links to my App's activities.

    Tell me what you think!

    Good luck with your project!
    From an avid Andromo user!
  • @tamworthheat: Your apps look amazing! Just beautiful.
  • I agree the use of color and the scrolling messages is really nice. Its a bit daunting at first however maybe an i button with a quick explanation of just what VID and the (for some) more obscure RSS will do.

    I am impressed however.
  • @tamworthheat

    1. How did you replace the dashboard with your own custom page?
    2. How do you hadle if the user doesn't have data enabled?
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