Help me i am badly surrounded by problems

when i published my app on google play, it was done in a nice way and it was also published and listed. now when i search my app with its package name on my pc. it says url not found..


  • That means googleplay ban the app or they have an error. Contact google to see what happened.
  • Another thing that may be the problem is that when you publish an app it will take at least a few hours for it to show up in Google Play. If you checked immediately after you uploaded the app this could be what the problem is.
  • my problem is i do not have patience. u were right @shaney_g
  • :) that catches me out too. mind you if you think that is slow don't submit to amazon if you have some food on the cooker....
  • @speaksociety No worries, I was too impatient when I made my first app as well.

    @clwydian Ya I agree with you about Amazon. Opera, however, once they accept your account, the apps appear almost immediately after you upload them. It's pretty nice!
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