Quetzal TV: A work in progress but almost there.

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Here's my first app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andromo.dev245078.app228620

The content is brought in via the RSS feeds action.

There's a mobile device detection on the content pages that formats the content based on whether or not its being viewed by a mobile device or a computer.

I would have loved to have just used the podcast actions since my website already published podcast,roku,ggole tv feeds, but the Andromo app only seems to want to work with audio files and not video.

Note: There's one bug I'm trying to work out. If you run into it, when playing a video, for some reason andromo hasn't put any handler for turning off the video when its no longer in focus. so you'll either need to force close the app, or go back to one of the RSS feeds and and select another video. That should turn of the vid.

Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


  • I managed to work around the issue with the bug and the sound playing. I just have the content open up in an external window. It works but it's kinda crappy that i lose the share functionality and all the users now get to see the full URL of my videos in the address bar.

    ...but hey, it works for now.
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