twitter not working anymore?

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I haven't changed anything for a long time.
I noticed today that none of my apps' twitter feed is working anymore.

Is that a twitter temporary issue or do I need to do something?
The activities uses twitter user as funnel.


  • It could be a couple things depending on when you last updated. There were some twitter changes released in the middle of June as discussed in the following blog post. If you haven't already, that needs to be addressed in your apps:

    I tried a couple apps that I had built previously that contain Twitter activities, and both seemed to work fine for me. So if the above information didn't apply, it was likely a momentary glitch on Twitter's end which has since been resolved.

  • I recompiled the application and now I see a message:

    Missing or invalid Twitter OAuth credentials. Check your credentials in your Twitter activity in your Andromo project.

    The twitter username is newsva_en  funktioniert also.

    What can be the reason? How to solve it?

    BTW, my previous compile was from April 27 and had a size of 2,185,469
    while the new complie from today gives me a size of 2,184,625
    I made no changes, except the version number from 0.1.1 to 0.1.2
  • how to do that?
  • Thanks!

    Do I need to do that for each customer's twitter account or can I use just my twitter account for each twitter activity? Or must it be the owner of that account I want to get the information from?

    Do I need to go through this process for each twitter activity? E.g. one of my apps has multiple twitter activities.

  • My app Devandy links to the bitof twittet you need. Each app needs registering but all the twitter accesses for each individual app are the same (cut and paste).

    Another strategy is to use a mobile twitter feed url with a web page component in your app.

    It appears twitter are concerned that some individuals harvest their data and then repackage it as not twitters. This way 'they know where you live' lol. If you use the web url then its transparently twitter and ok.

    search google play for Clwydian
  • I am sorry to bother you again, ... English is not my first language, ... I just don't get it what you could mean.

    I have an application   APP1   and an application    APP2
    In the APP1 I use tweets of the twitter user    twuser1      and in APP2   twuser2

    Do I need to register APP1 and APP2 with their needed  twuser1 and twuser2 ???
    OR can I use one user twuser-me and register each APP1, APP2
    OR do I do that only once with twuser-me and copy the same keys to all my apps????

    I hope that my customers do not need to do something to get the twitter in the Andromo application
  • You can use the the same twuser -- but the Twitter access is very rate limited, so it is really better to make separate twitter users for each app. Otherwise the users of APP1 can end up blocking access for a while in APP2, and vice versa, because Twitter now limits how many times each twuser can access per hour.
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    another thing I have found is that if I'm in poor coverage and stab the twitter list button several times twitter locks me out for a period. which come to think of it is what he said

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